Kim K DIY'd An Outfit, And Then Wore It

Apparently Kim K. is a stylist now? Just one more thing to add to her overcrowded resume that already includes reality star, fashion designer, actress, and entrepreneur. In an Instagram photo captioned "Today's Look," Kim Kardashian bragged about her DIY'd crop top It's so obvious that Kim is really really proud of herself for the makeshift ensemble she put together, unsubtly hinting at everyone once again that she can do it all, even style herself.

Sorry Kim, but I'm not really impressed that you cut your Wolford dress in half to make separates and bought your shoes on eBay. In fact, it's a little embarrassing on her part. I quote, "Wolford top I cut to crop it. Wolford dress I'm wearing as a skirt. Margiela dress I'm wearing open as a jacket." Ok Kim, you're impressed with yourself, we get it. Be more self-obsessed please. I wonder if her actual stylist would approve this look?

Honestly, it's a pretty good look. But it's OK, Kimmy. You don't have to prove how thrifty you are to make us love you.