Dan Rad Has Many, Many Hidden Talents

by Alyse Whitney

When Daniel Radcliffe rapped Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics," a collective gasp was heard 'round the world. Harry Potter can rap? Yep, and his hidden talents don't stop there. Through the years, we've learned a lot about Radcliffe through his acting projects. He can sing and dance, as evidenced in his Broadway run of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and he knows how to play a romantic lead (thanks, What If). And though he's doesn't possess magical skills in real life, he comes as close as a Muggle could. How else can you explain him walking an entire pack of dogs through NYC while smoking a cigarette? (Maybe movie magic, but shh.)

To celebrate Radcliffe's many talents, I've rounded up some of his most surprising skills. Though some of them are a bit more tame, like being a burger-eating champion, others are pretty out there. And for the record, his rapping on The Tonight Show wasn't the first time he showed off his incredible memory and fast-talking abilities — he did it with a completely different type of song that Breaking Bad's Walter White would approve of. Get ready to see Radcliffe in a whole new way, yet again. This guy just won't stop surprising us!

Rapping Intricate Songs

Just re-live this one with me, OK?

Memorizing The Entire Periodic Table of Elements

Yes, rapping "Alphabet Aerobics" flawlessly is nearly impossible and super impressive. However, memorizing a song of the entire Periodic Table of Elements is also equally incredible, especially when you're doing it in front of Rihanna and Colin Farrell.

This Crazy Thing He Does With His Tongue

Radcliffe calls this his "party trick." It's basically a weird thing he can do with his tongue, but it's still mesmerizing.

Befriending Snakes on Set

Apparently Radcliffe became friends with the snakes on the set of Horns because he realized they couldn't eat him with so many people standing around. Charming?

Going Incognito as Spider-Man at Comic-Con

Since he wanted to walk the floor at Comic-Con, Radcliffe put on a Spider-Man costume and went incognito. That was only because he didn't have an invisibility cloak in real life.

Building a Dream Burger

Apparently Radcliffe is obsessed with burgers, and he went on Food Network's The Kitchen to build his dream variation. Unfortunately, it ended up being a game of Twister to decide what went on it, but he definitely has a lot of knowledge about the American staple.

Combatting Sexism

When Radcliffe was asked about being a sex symbol, he responded in the perfect way. He told a story about how someone said he was an "unconventional" romantic lead because people associate him with being Harry Potter as a young boy. His retort? "My immediate response was, ‘Well, the male population has had no problem sexualizing Emma Watson immediately.'"

Image: Igperish/Tumblr