What Does Louise Know on 'Revenge'?

by Danielle Santola

It looks like the Grayson family could be in even more trouble, and it won't be at the hands of Emily Thorne. When Victoria betrayed her psychiatric hospital roommate Louise, it seemed Louise was out for blood. The act of trying to befriend Victoria after Louise's own release was completely phony, and so was her befriending Daniel — or so it seemed. Louise gave Victoria a second chance by seeking her help after leaving the home and again Victoria dismissed the girl. She then approached Daniel knowingly, after eavesdropping on his conversation with Victoria, at which point it looked like she latched onto him with a thirst for vengeance. But now she's out to get Daniel and seems to think she has some juicy story on him. So which is it? Is it still about revenge on Victoria or did she genuinely have feelings for Daniel? In my opinion, this chick is just a nutcase — but a nut case with resources and a story she's willing to share.

When Revenge cast Elena Satine as Louise, she was described as the “black sheep daughter of a wealthy Southern family” who is slightly unhinged, but has the best intentions according to her own warped logic. Her vendetta appeared to be about Victoria until her call to Page Six, which made me think she's turned her claws indefinitely toward Daniel. But what does she have on him?

Though it wouldn't exactly be the story of the year and probably not a shock to most people, Louise's dirt on Danny could be as simple as his bankruptcy and inability to find a job. During her revenge attempt on Victoria, she overheard Daniel informing her of the empty bank accounts and it was then that she set her sights on Danny. It isn't a coincidence that she was having financial troubles just when Danny needed a client. They bonded over being born into rich families, but since he dumped her for Margaux, who knows who she'll tell.

It's also possible that this conniving female psychopath found the picture Gideon took of him sleeping next to a dead red head. That storyline just can't be at its end yet. When Daniel returned home from David Clarke's new home, Louise was already cozied up on his sofa. How did she get in there and what had she been doing in his absence? Well, quite frankly, she could have been doing almost anything. I'm not sure Daniel would be dumb enough to leave the criminalizing blackmail photo lying around, but let's face it, weirder things have happened.

Meanwhile, Louise's thirst for Grayson revenge can either mean good things or bad things for Emily. Whether her vendetta is against Danny or Victoria is irrelevant if it messes with Emily's plans. Margaux is already onto Emily, since she keeps popping up in situations related to David, and it's only a matter of time before her story comes out. Louise, like Emily, is an independently wealthy and resourceful woman with vengeance in the forefront of her warped brain. Whatever she has planned, it won't be good for the Graysons and could inadvertently give Emily a leg up in winning her father over.

Images: Danny Feld/ABC; swedishfishrule, victoriagraysons, ghoulishpaige/Tumblr