Halloween Costume Suggestions for Ari & Big Sean

While cat ear headbands constitute costume wear for many civilians, they're Ariana Grande’s version of corporate casual. Despite her library of feline headpieces, the pop star is probably not going to dress as a kitten while trick-or-treating Friday night. Reportedly, Ariana Grande bought some odd Halloween Costume supplies at a Florida costume store including a slew of wigs, fake blood, and fruit suits. This leads me to believe that she and Big Sean will be dressing up as something a bit more involved than "Cat and Mouse."

E! Online spoke to a source who recently spotted Grande at Florida costume shop Costume World of Deerfield Beach. Sourcey McSourcerton (as I shall refer to all tabloid informants from here on out) told the publication that Grande bought a mixed bag of dress up tools because she couldn’t decide exactly what she wanted to be.

The "Break Free" singer allegedly purchased some long, neon-colored wigs, stage blood, a grape costume, and a banana suit. Just so you know, an employee of the store was careful to mention that Grande was super non-diva like, down-to-earth, and sweet. Additionally, Grande allegedly said that the banana was Big Sean’s costume, and the grape suit was for "either her friend or Big Sean’s friend." Sure, Ari. A friend…

Even though a grape getup would be decidedly rad, I’ve got some additional suggestions for Ariana and Big Sean's last minute costumes. With that eclectic combination of things on her shopping list, she can dress up as a number of characters way cooler than a sexy cat.

Arnold & Gerald from Hey Arnold

Sure, maybe Gerald was a strawberry in the classic episode Hey Arnold episode "Downtown as Fruits," but I think Sean and Ari could improvise with this one. After all, they're clearly rich enough to drive around a city throwing money out the window to needy families, just as our favorite best friends did. People downtown sure are friendly.


Big Sean and friend can play the fruit that inspired these chewy treats, and Grande is the phosphorescent artificial plasma inside.

Rainbow Lady Godiva & Fruity Sidekicks

'Kay, so this one is taking plenty of creative license, but with the hella rainbow-colored wigs she purchased, why not fashion herself a Lady Godiva-style mane. The banana and grapes will fill the role of her totally made-up sidekicks: Peely Bananastein, and Grapey Graperson.

Psychedelic Haunted Thanksgiving Cornucopia

With Big Sean and friend dressed up as foodstuffs falling out of the cornucopia, the group could re-imagine this symbol of abundance and prosperity. Ari could wear one of her wigs and be neon psychedelic blood. I'm sure there's enough fake gooey redness to go around, so everyone could have a little, so BOOM. Haunted.

Zombie My Little Pony & Prey

I admit, the last idea was a bit of a stretch, but this one totally works with Ari as the pony. The neon wigs are classic My Little Pony gear, and she can use costume makeup to draw fake sutures and the costume blood to make them look more menacing. And for her prey? Enter Big Sean and friend as banana and grapes.

OK, guys. You officially have five hours to whip up any of these super odd costumes. You're welcome for the creativity.

Image: Nickelodeon