These Three Guys Nailed Their PLL Costume

Oh my God, nightfall hasn't even begun yet, but I think I've found the official winners of Halloween (they definitely give Pegacorn Taylor Swift a run for her money, anyway). Throwing gender to the winds on Halloween is always fun, but these three dudes seem to have a special talent for it, because their Pretty Little Liars costumes are kind of perfect.

They happen to be crew members on the hit show, which could partially explain how they hit the nail on the head so well (besides the fact that they obviously read Jamie Primeau's PLL costume guide, of course). Sure, you have to squint and cock your head a little, but once you get it, you get it — because their respective Spencer, Aria, and Emily costumes (according to Lucy Hale, Hanna and Alison "were lost in action") are totally on point.

You've got preppy Spence with her tie, plaid skirt and oxfords, Aria with her boho, side-split maxi, hardware-heavy boots, and skull-printed shirt, and Emily with her atheltic-inspired knee socks, denim skirt and jersey-like tank — oh, and all three are sporting wavy brunette wigs that are voluminous enough to make their infamously-coiffed characters a little jealous. Take a look:

Aria especially got his costume right, IMHO (and the real Aria agrees):

Pretty spot on, no? These three brave souls may be the group costume to beat this year!

Images: IMDb; lucyhale/Instagram