Ruth *Baby* Ginsburg Just Won Halloween

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, affectionately known as the Notorious RBG, has recently been making a slow, steady take-over of the Internet; as such, it’s only to be expected that she’d be a popular Halloween costume choice this year. But pack your bags and just go home, everyone, because you’ll never in a million years beat this one: Ruth Baby Ginsburg is in the house and totally just won Halloween. Ruth Baby Ginsburg’s parents are also now my new favorite people.

The image of this amazing baby Halloween costume started making the rounds on Twitter this morning thanks to journalist Taffy Brodesser-Akner (@taffyakner); Buzzfeed’s Jessica Misener subsequently picked it up, and since then, it’s been spreading like proverbial wildfire. And with good reason — Ruther Bader Ginsburg is awesome; Ruther Bader Ginsburg Halloween costumes are awesome; babies in Halloween costumes are adorable; and the pun “Ruth Baby Ginsburg” is just too good to ignore. Do you want to see it in all its glory? Are you sure you’re ready for it? Really? Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally? Yes? OK — here we go. Prepare to squee all the squees, because the image you’re about to see is so magnificent I’m surprised it hasn’t totally broken the Internet yet:

So. Good. SO GOOD.

So who is this amazing baby? His mother, Kate Livingston, got in touch with BuzzFeed via Twitter once the image started to go viral; according to her, his name is Sycamore, and he’s the progeny of Livingston and Sam Affholter. Livingston is a PhD candidate at in the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Ohio State University; her areas of expertise are reproductive justice, politics of motherhood family and reproduction, and U.S. adoption laws and policy. She also holds an MA in Women’s Gender, & Sexuality Studies from the University of Cincinnati and a BA in Government from Smith College. She tagged her tweets with #feministfamily and #feministsons; I think it’s pretty safe to say that kid is going to grow up in the best family ever.

So there you have it. Has any gotten it to Notorious RBG herself? Because she really needs to this — as does, y’know, everyone. Best. Halloween costume. Ever.

Image: taffakner/Twitter