'Revenge's Nick Wechsler Knows Halloween

If you're looking for that perfect playlist to celebrate the spookiest of holidays, then a certain Revenge star can help you out. Nick Wechsler created a Halloween playlist for Spotify and it's quite eerie, or as he told The Wrap, "it's the darkest stuff in my collection." With more than 30 tracks, the playlist is the perfect way to get in the scary spirit. For Wechsler, he's a huge music fan, so he put a lot of thought into putting the list together: "Some were chosen for obvious lyrical or thematic reasons, some because I found them particularly haunting or moody, while others were chosen because they straight-up scared me when I first heard them."

I knew Jack Porter (Wechsler's character on Revenge) had a sad side (seriously, when will his character catch a break?), but I never knew he had a dark side. It's absolutely fitting, especially when browsing his personal music collection. As he said, "I have no shortage of songs that are spooky and create the perfect mood or score a Halloween party well."

Speaking of Jack's sadness, it seems Wechsler finds himself at times dark and gloomy:

I remember someone asked me in an interview, "Why do you think Jack is so sad all the time?" And I answered, "Well, they hired a very sad actor to play him." It's kind of true. I think some of my own outlook or dark moods, whatever, finds it's way into the roles. It's not a transformation. It's finding the part of myself that's like this guy.

I don't see Wechsler as a dark guy, and you probably don't either if you follow him on Twitter. He's hilarious and should win an award for his live-tweeting of Revenge. Check out his playlist below and get pumped for Halloween's craziness!