Yay? Paris Hilton's Music Career is Back

In an apparent attempt to remind us all that she still exists, Paris Hilton has decided to re-start that music career we all forgot she ever had. Along with this reboot comes the filming of a brand new Paris Hilton music video for her song "Good Time," which from what we can tell mainly involves a lot of strutting around in bikinis. The more things change....

Hilton, now 32, is signed with Birdman's Cash Money Records. The one hit single in her music career so far has been 2009's "Stars Are Blind," the music video of which also features a bikini.

"Good Time" is set to be released Oct. 1. In the meantime, Hilton's been filming the music video, and documenting some of the video's sure-to-be-(maybe)-memorable looks on her Instagram. The song was produced by Afrojack and features Lil Wayne, and will undoubtedly include a lot of talk about being tipsy. The track is part of a larger album Hilton is working hard on at this very moment.

You can listen to a clandestinely recorded preview of "Good Time" below, where you can also see a couple of the outfits headed for the video.

When all is said and done Hilton's gonna have some weird-ass tan lines.