These Rings Could Save Your Life

This has been the year fashion's become actually really practical. With new wearable tech (some useful, some clearly ridiculous — see the drunk dress) launching seemingly everyday, blending functionality with style is a new-age goal that is basically limitless. And while tracking your fitness is great and all, what's more fundamental to your everyday living than your protection? Say hello to Siren, the ring designed to prevent assault.

Now, first and foremost, in an ideal world no man (or woman, for that matter), would rape or assault another, and that's an issue that deserves plenty of talking power. But until we can be assured that this will never happen again, all we can do is take preventative measures to ensure our safety. The siren ring blasts a painfully piercing alarm when the wearer rotates the face, a tactic that's intended to startle and deter attackers. Since it's worn right on your finger, it's more accessible (and easier to carry) than other preventatives, like mace. And the sound can be heard from well over 100 feet, making your peril audible to others around who could help.

The ring, at $245, is a bit costly, but you can't really put a price on your safety, right?

I'm still hoping for a day when people don't have to arm themselves with alarm rings just to walk down the street, but until then, it's comforting to know fashion might be able to shield us.

Images: Siren Ring