Will Damon Kill Elena's New Guy on 'TVD'?

Poor Damon. He worked his way back into Elena's heart during Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries , only to get ripped away from his one true love by death itself in Season 6. And it gets worse. Now that Damon has worked his way back to Mystic Falls, it seems that Elena may not have room in her life for him. The Whitmore student wiped away her memories of the elder Salvatore brother in order to cope with her grief, and has no plans on getting them back, even though she's now aware that she loved — and then lost — Damon. But perhaps the saddest part of this tale is that memory-wiped Elena is already moving on with another guy, Liam — right when Damon came back from the dead. New guy Liam (Michael Malarkey) may be happy to have Elena's attention for the moment, but the spoilers for Thursday's episode "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" tells us that he has a good reason to be worried.

According to the synopsis for Thursday's episode, Damon will "take matters into his own hands when he receives some upsetting news." Is there anything more upsetting then finding out your one true love still considers you a monster — and is moving on with a guy in her medical program? For Damon, probably not. He has fought long and hard to get back to Elena, and now, he finally is — it just doesn't matter that much to her. And I wouldn't be surprised if he takes out those bad feelings on Elena's new love interest.

Damon doesn't do heartbreak well. The last time him and Elena were on the outs, he went absolutely batshit and murdered a whole bunch of people. Damon embraces his vampire side, and unfortunately, that often included turning off his humanity and slaughtering anything that moves. (Just remember — this guy is our hero.) Damon could try to convince Elena to get her memories back, only to have her not budge — which would inevitably break his heart. Seeing her with Liam would destroy him, and given Damon's track record, I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to snap Liam's neck to make himself feel better — even if it pushed Elena even further away.

Now the question is — could Elena ever forgive Damon for hurting (or killing) her Whitmore boyfriend? She has forgiven him for worse — but without her memories of the happier times, it's unlikely that she'll be willing to accept his bad behavior. If Damon hurts Liam, he'll be proving to Elena that he is the monster she thinks he is — and Delena shippers should be worried about what that means for their favorite couple.

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