Even the 'DWTS' Cast Wants Janel & Val to Date

No matter how many times Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy deny that they're dating; fans are still hoping that the pair will get together, and Dancing With the Stars' own Lea Thompson is one of those Janelskiy 'shippers. I spoke to the Back to the Future alum who filled me in on what's really going on with the dynamic duo off-stage. "I can't confirm or deny the status of their relationship, but it sure looks like they're dating to me," she told me when asked about the couple. "There's a ton pictures of them, like, making out on Instagram. I don't know why they're trying to hide it."

It's true that Parrish and Chmerkovskiy have gone pretty social media crazy with their supposed platonic feelings for each other. Parrish recently posted four (count 'em, four) pictures of the 26 balloons (one for every year she's lived) that Chmerkovskiy got her for her birthday. And if that wasn't enough of a gift, he also got her flowers and attended her birthday bash.

To an outsider it only makes sense for them to date since they're all over each other online. But Thompson sees what goes on behind the camera and she still agrees the pair is perfect together.

In fact, Thompson is one of the biggest Janelskiy fans out there, and had nothing but flattering words for the two.

They're both incredible people and they would make an incredible couple because they're two of the greatest people I know ... Janel is so beautiful and they look perfect together. They're both so smart and funny and interesting and passionate. I don't know how they can stay apart, honestly.

Thompson admits that off-camera all cast members are touchy-feely (that's just the DWTS way), but she's still holding out for Parrish and Chmerkovskiy to take things to a relationship level. "They're just so awesome together," Thompson gushed. "They'd make the cutest couple."

I understand if Janel & Val don't want to take dating advice from fans or bloggers. But now that one of their own is so adamant they should be together, it's time for them to listen. I'm totally fine with them keeping their feelings hidden from the prying media, but I hope behind closed doors they at least consider taking things beyond a friendship.

I mean, their pairing has been blessed by Lea Thompson — you shouldn't ignore that kind of approval.

Images: Janel Parrish/Instagram (5)