The Snow Queen's Family Is 'OUAT's Latest Mystery

Mirror, Mirror on the wall — is my family in there at all? Last Sunday, Once Upon A Time revealed the Snow Queen's plan in "Breaking Glass" and it's a lot more sentimental than fans might've believed. The Snow Queen — aka Sarah Fisher — is trying to unite her family. But who exactly that "family" includes is still uncertain. What fans did learn, however, is that in order to reunite this family or idea of family that Sarah has, she's been breaking magic mirrors and putting their pieces together to make one gigantic magic mirror. Talk about making a major sacrifice for the people you love — Sarah's got to have thousands of years of bad luck lined up from this endeavor. So, who is the Snow Queen's family?

The answer to that question might not be so easy. Mostly because I'm suspicious that the Snow Queen doesn't actually have a real family or that if she does, she's not actually looking for them. I might be reading a bit much into the Snow Queen's assertion that she could now have a family that loves her, but that does hint towatds her having once had a family who didn't love her or never having a family at all. Bleak, right?

While I'm sure OUAT will surprise us with the actual nature of this loving family the Snow Queen speaks of, there are a few predictable possibilities of where they might be.

They're Trapped In The Mirror

It's obviously not a coincidence that the mirror's completion came with the Snow Queen revealing her plan. This mirror is clearly a main component in the plan — perhaps a bigger component than OUAT is letting on. It's possible, like how Regina trapped Sidney in her mirror, that the Snow Queen trapped this family she speaks of in her mirror as well at some point in the past. Of course, we'd also be assuming that at one point, the mirror broke or the Snow Queen shattered the mirror on purpose. But this is OUAT, people. I mean, Rumplestiltskin is Peter Pan's son — nothing is too crazy or off-limits in this world.

They're Anywhere

Again, the completion of the mirror being related to the Snow Queen's plan is a huge deal. If her new family isn't trapped in the mirror, perhaps the mirror will be her way of uniting them. It seems like the Snow Queen is less interested in finding anyone who will love her as she is in finding people with powers who love her. I mean, that's what drew her to Elsa when they first met after she was released from the urn. Her magic mirror might be the final piece of the plan that will help her find all of the people with powers like hers, so she can bring them together to become her family. It's kind of creepy, but she seems just unhinged enough to go for this.

They're Dead

OK, I've decided to believe that the Snow Queen's real family is actually dead. But it's also possible that perhaps the Snow Queen, like Regina, had a love of her life that was taken from her — thus, she lost her chance at having a family that loves her. Or, considering how paranoid the Snow Queen is about people not accepting her, it's possible that her love died trying to protect her from a world that feared her powers. Her magic mirror might be the means for her to bring her great love back and get a second chance. This seems like a highly likely way OUAT will go with The Snow Queen's storyline. I mean, we've already seen how a lost love can change a person with Regina. It'd make perfect sense that the Snow Queen has gone through a similar heartbreak.

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC; parrillalana (2), lunalovelight/Tumblr