Kevin Spacey Nailed These Celebrity Impressions

When Kate Hudson wowed everyone with her spot on impression of Matthew McConaughey, it truly seemed like nothing would ever top her performance because it was pure perfection. However, despite the fact that she absolutely nailed it, as it turns out, Hudson has a little competition with one of her male peers who’s been in the movie industry years before her time in the spotlight. That is, Kevin Spacey brought his celebrity impressions to the Tonight Show where he not only had the audience in fits of laughter but kind of put Hudson's impressions to shame.

There for an interview and to play Jimmy Fallon’s “Wheel of Impressions” game on Halloween, Spacey was challenged to imitate random icons while also speaking about whatever subject made its way onto the board. From an absolutely hilarious Christopher Walken impression while discussing Trick-Or-Treat, to Bill Clinton speaking about Ghostbusters, Spacey basically could have been those celebrities with how eerily accurate his impressions were. If I had closed my eyes, I honestly wouldn’t have known the difference.

Though he did play the game alongside Fallon, switching off every round with the host, it was pretty clear from the beginning which person would come out the winner. We all know that Fallon is quite the impersonator himself — he even did a super accurate impression of Dr. Phil that night — but he proved to be no match for Spacey who ended up having to teach him what a Michael Kaine impression actually sounds like.

Spacey has been in the Hollywood game for so long and has worked with more actors and actresses than most of us can even fathom, so it makes sense that he is the king of impressions. The man has even worked with McConaughey as well, so I’m sure he’s got his alright, alright, alright down, though I still have to give that one to Hudson until I hear it. Basically though, if there’s anyone out there who could be mistaken for another celebrity based off his voice, it’s Spacey and only Spacey.