Selena Gomez Isn't To Blame For This Incident

Although I have to hand it to TMZ for so often breaking major news stories from Ray Rice abusing his wife to Donald Sterling’s racist comments exposed in an audio leak thanks to his mistress, I wish their treatment of completely innocent celebs was, well, a little more tactful. In one of their most recent stories, the celebrity gossip site discussed how Selena Gomez recently called police after returning to an unlocked door at her Calabasas house. Yet rather than giving the Rudderless actress the benefit of the doubt, Gomez was made to appear irresponsible instead, which really irks me.

After finding her door wasn’t locked upon returning home one day, the 22-year-old celebrity reportedly called police to her residence believing that an intruder might be inside. Although I do despise when people don’t lock their doors (it happens all the time), there’s really no evidence that Gomez didn’t do so. And even if she didn’t lock her door, it’s always possible that she merely happened to forget that one time.

“This is the third time Selena made calls to cops fearing an intruder where there was none,” TMZ wrote. “Selena had gates installed around the house earlier this year — after a stalker repeatedly showed up at her $3 million Calabasas mansion. Here’s another idea. Lock your doors and turn your alarm on."

So, let me break that down. Basically what they’re saying is that though Gomez was actually stalked — multiple times I might add — it’s her fault for not having a better security system. That doesn’t make any sense. No matter what, Gomez should never be the one at fault. In fact, it’s better that she called the police rather than letting curiosity get the best of her, attempting to determine why the door was unlocked herself. I mean we’ve all seen what happens when characters do that in horror movies. Better safe than sorry.

Plus, if I had been in her shoes and had so many people threatening me and following me throughout my career, I would likely call the police too. I just get scared hearing the floorboards in my house creak and I don’t even have stalkers.

As TMZ put it, “she cried wolf again.” That statement makes me so frustrated because it implies that Gomez intentionally called the police knowing nothing was wrong. So either they used the phrase incorrectly or they truly think she made a scene purely for her own amusement. Obviously though, that wasn’t the case. If anything, we should all be supporting Gomez. For all we or even she knows, someone easily could’ve been in her house and left before cops arrived. There are so many scenarios that could’ve happened and everyone should just be glad that she’s OK.

Images: gifsforgomez; gemini-dragon-gifs/Tumblr