Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Sued For Her Closet App

Remember Lindsay Lohan's closet app? Well she and her brother are now getting sued for stealing the idea. Fima Potik says he worked with Lindsay and Michael Lohan Jr. on an app called Spotted Friend, and then the Lohans backed out of the project. Their new app Vigme, however, has a lot of similarities to Spotted Friend.

Both Vigme and Spotted Friend pair social media and shopping. Spotted Friend allows people to use social media pictures to find items for sale online, while Vigme is more specific to celebrity closets. Neither app is available for download, but Spotted Friend seems like it could do really well. Though its name sounds like a type of mushroom, the idea of being able to find and buy an item from a picture is very appealing, if they have the technology to pull it off. Lohan's Vigme, also strangely named, seems like a vanity project. I don't think I'd be able to afford what's in her closet, and I feel that a small Bling Ring-esque subset would be interested.

This trouble has been brewing for a while, but it's only just escalated into a full lawsuit. Potik is suing Lindsay and Michael for over $60 million, and a judge has already issued a restraining order to prevent the Lohans from promoting Vigme. Though the apps are pretty similar, it seems like an excessive amount of money. Potik is taking advantage of a rich celebrity who has been known for making poor decisions. However, it also seems like very bad business practice for the Lohans. They should be treading carefully, not screwing over businessmen.