Taylor Swift Is Unstoppable & Here's the Proof

Attention fellow peasants: This is Taylor Swift's world and she is just very graciously allowing us to live in it. To further that sentiment, if you weren't previously proud or totally envious of her immense, early in life successes you sure will be now. The 24-year-old basically just gobbled up the album sales records and spit them out into a really cutesy refurbished antique bowl. Honestly, at this point it's a wonder that our currency doesn't have her face on it yet. U.S. Mint. Get on that, will ya?

But, more specifically, Swift's album, 1989, has just about taken Britney Spears and Eminem and kicked them right off of their all too cozy record holding thrones. According to The Hollywood Reporter ,

"...the album is now aiming to surpass the one-week sales record for an album by a woman, set by the debut of Britney Spears' Oops! … I Did It Again in 2000, when it arrived with 1.319 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. 1989 is also set to earn the largest sales week for any album since 2002, when Eminem's The Eminem Show sold 1.322 million in its first full week on sale."

So, yeah... at what point do we acknowledge that the "Welcome to New York" singer has established an actual monopoly over the minds of the music buying world? Because really, when she's around, no one else seems to matter. Sorry not sorry, everyone else who has ever made music, you're just going to have to play second fiddle... or like, maybe third because I think she's playing the second one, too.

If you haven't already given 1989 a listen, and news of the impending record breaking hasn't already clued you into it's greatness, I'll urge you to hop on the bandwagon as well. Because Swift's success isn't a stroke of luck. She's immensely talented and resilient, and I'm so happy that she continues to kill it with each new album, despite those who are skeptical of her changing sound. And, it looks like over 1.3 million people would vouch for that as well.

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