Which 'Gotham' Villain Will Take Over the City?

Gotham City is packed to the gills with villains and villains-to-be. With so many characters vying for the chance to "control" and "take over" Gotham, it's no wonder that Gotham the TV show feels so busy. But what Gotham villain will control the city? At this point, it's not necessarily clear who's going to win and who will end up sleeping with the fishes. Fish Mooney is planning to overthrow Falcone, who shouldn't be counted out since he has a strong political foothold in Wayne Industries. Maroni is an equally strong contender, with both his legitimate businesses and his collection of crooks to do his bidding. Plus, he has Oswald Cobblepot on his side, who's quickly emerging as a new frontrunner. We also can't discount people like Edward Nygma, who may not be villainous now, but could be laying the foundation to take over Gotham City in the future.

With so many shifting alliances and the wild card of the cops, the easiest way to go about this is to go villain by villain, ranking how good each one's chances are. It's fair, it's sportsmanlike, and it's incredibly random and should be taken solely as my personal estimation.

Edward Nygma

While Nygma will eventually become a player in the Gotham game, right now, he's not in control of much. Essentially his only power is his relationship with the Gotham PD. But other than fabricating evidence or hanging out with Harvey Bullock, he doesn't have many cards to play.

Odds of Taking Over — 1:100

Fish Mooney

While Fish seems like a frontrunner right now, I don't think she's long for Gotham City. She's got a name that makes her sound like shark bait, she's playing her hand with Falcone a little too loosely, and when you gamble big, you lose big.

Plus, even though the Gotham creators don't find very much sacred about the Batman comics, I can't really see them handing off control of the entire city to an original character. Jada Pinkett Smith is great in the role, but I still have a hunch that Fish will meet her end by the end of the first or second season.

Odds of Taking Over — 1:25

Sal Maroni

Maroni sticks around in the comics for a good while, but I'm not totally sure he's destined for the same longevity on Gotham. Think about it: Oswald Cobblepot is already starting to take control of Maroni's restaurant and ripping him off to make side money. Maroni is losing ground and doesn't even realize it.

Odds of Taking Over — 1:20


Don't count out Liza. She's been able to go from club kid wannabe to a player in the biggest organized crime family in the city. And while we haven't gotten any resolution about what her role in Fish's plan is yet, having Carmine's ear makes her about as powerful as Maroni.

Odds of Taking Over — 1:20

Don Carmine Falcone

Carmine is an old man seemingly at the end of his tenure as the crime boss in Gotham City. But don't count out Falcone. His political connections can save him, including his connection to Wayne Enterprises, the local councilmen in his pocket, and all of his loyal goons (minus Fish). He's surprisingly high on the list.

Odds of Taking Over — 1:4


He's worked his way back from an assassination attempt, is wooing the cops, has a new alliance with a powerful mob boss while simultaneously having the secrets of another powerful mob boss, and is a gifted cannoli poisoner. And he's well on his way to becoming the Iceberg Lounge-owning, monocle-wearing, murderous gangster he's known as.

Right now, it looks like Penguin has the best odds of eventually winning control of Gotham City. He has comics, movies, TV writers, and the next episode — "Penguin's Umbrella" — on his side.

Odds of Taking Over — 1:2

Images: Justin Stephens (2), Jessica Miglio (3)/FOX; Gotham Gifs/Tumblr (2)