The 'OUAT' Sorcerer's Hat Is A Game Changer

Now we know exactly who we can blame for this entire Frozen mess — well, maybe not who, but definitely what. After weeks of questions, Once Upon A Time revealed the Snow Queen's past in Sunday night's "Funny Business." And it also revealed that Rumplestiltskin and Anna aren't the only characters who know what the Sorcerer's hat can do. In fact, that darn hat is the reason why Elsa is looking for Anna in the first place and possibly why the Snow Queen has been on her rampage in Season 4. The Sorcerer's hat can take away powers from powerful sorcerer's and, now that Rumple's revealed that he owns it, the Snow Queen's game has officially changed.

So, why am I blaming an inanimate object for my frustrations that there's no Olaf on OUAT? Well, because the Sorcerer's hat is the root of all the problems on this series (it's like the Elder Wand of OUAT). Anna stole the Sorcerer's hat from Rumplestiltskin after she failed his test because she knew it was a danger to Elsa. But, in an effort to not hurt her sister with the truth, she failed to mention that she possessed a tool that could take away all of Elsa's powers if Anna wanted to. (She obviously didn't, but she still didn't mention it and apparently that was enough.)

The gist of this situation is that Anna refused to accept The Snow Queen's story about being their Aunt Ingrid and went searching for answers, insulting her dear old aunt in the process. And when the Snow Queen realized that Anna had the hat, she decided that Anna needed to be kept as a prisoner, rather than inducted into her dream family because she was a non-believer. Which obviously led me to wonder why Elsa didn't ask what happened to her sister and just decided she should trust Aunt Ingrid — but that's a question for next week.

Fast-forward to present-day Storybrooke and possession of the Sorcerer's hat has passed from Ingrid to Rumplestiltskin somehow and now he's using it against her. Rumple realized on Sunday night that Ingrid's mirror has the power to turn everyone who looks at it against themselves and the other citizens in Storybrooke. So — here comes that word again — he's leveraged the fact that he can take her powers away against her planned destruction of Storybrooke. Usually I'd be feeling pretty safe with Rumple's threats, but for some reason, it feels like he just poked an angry beast on OUAT and things are only going to get worse.

Image: Once Upon A Time/Facebook