Is He Really A Victim?

Obviously Revenge fans realized this a long time ago, so it's nice that Emily's finally joined us. It's been a long time since David Clarke returned to the Hamptons. And by that, I mean that it's been a long time since someone realized how totally unrealistic David's story seems to be. On Sunday night's episode of Revenge, "Damage," Emily proved David Clarke's story false on multiple accounts. So, can we really pity David Clarke anymore? After three seasons of David Clarke-sympathy, Revenge might be finally showing his true colors and they're really not pretty.

No one really believed that David just chilled in a cave for 20 years and waited until the Season 3 finale of Revenge to start his return to society. Right? You're smarter than that, Revenge fan, I know you are. So, when "Damage" revealed that David had been spotted in NYC over the past 20 years and that he apparently staged his foxhole, I wasn't necessarily surprised. I mean, there's no way a person could live to tell the tale of living in a tomb for 20 years without ever leaving. That's just a preposterous notion, even by Revenge's standards.

So, how exactly did this all go down? Well, first we had Charlotte's kidnapper who, apparently, has been observing David's movements for awhile and had photographic evidence that David's been out and about over the years. But, no he's dead because Charlotte fought him off to save herself, so all Emily has are some photos and no answer as to why this man took them. What we do know, however, is that this man knew David was alive and told no one, which is incredibly suspicious to David's cause.

Aside from that, however, Emily went off and did some detective work of her own at David's makeshift home. And, it's a good thing she's highly observant — especially when it comes to water lines and rust. After closely examining the tomb David was allegedly living in this entire time, Emily realized something was off. David's bed didn't show signs of having been in the tomb for very long, even though he was supposed to have been there for 20 years. Where the rest of the cave was covered in rust and water marks, the bed seemed to be unscathed, even thought it was sitting in a puddle. Again, I never believed that David was living in this place the entire time.

David's return to society has created another strike against him as well — he's clearly a very good liar and someone who's shady enough to fake his own death but not go looking for his only daughter. I'm sorry, but how can anyone trust something this man says? I'm sure it hurts, but Emily's absolutely right to now believed a single second of David's story — especially now that he's turned on Nolan. So, is David Clarke less of a victim and more of a predatory than Revenge fans initially thought? It sure seems like it.

Image: ABC