Ian & Nikki Make a Major Relationship Faux Pas

Consider them five pets and counting, because it seems like nothing will get in the way of vampiric and gorgeous couple Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed from adopting animals together. Along with a kitten, dogs, and a horse, Somerhalder and Reed are proud parents to yet another pet, a rescued cat from a shelter in Georgia. This is the third animal the pair have adopted together, meaning they've reached the animal parenting level of their relationship. Well, they've been there for a while considering the Noah's Ark they're creating, but they're definitely on some sort of serious track. Somerhalder posted a pic of the fluffy grey and black "newest addition to the family" on his Instagram and Twitter, and thanked Reed for finding her. Apparently, the cat was mislabeled "feral/not friendly" on the cage, which didn’t stop Reed from opening it to play and fall in love with her.

Somerhalder, an animal lover despite playing a blood sucking vampire on TV, went on to talk about understaffed shelters in his Instagram caption and encouraged families to get to know the animals better before judging from the cage labels. I would like to add that you should probably listen to the cage label at first and ask for help if you want to be as adventurous as Reed, just to be on the safe side. Some of us don't have the natural cat whispering tactics that made Somerhalder fall for Reed in the first place.

Now as much as Reed and Somerhalder love each other — friends forever who turned into something more just wins over my Dawson's Creek-loving heart — I can't help but also issue a warning to any couples out there who are early on in the relationship and want to adopt an animal together. Adopting an animal is a huge step for any couple. You're saying you think you'll be together for a really long time to raise the pet and love it. One is already a handful, and yet Reed and Somerhalder are surrounding themselves with even more animals to raise with their excessive love for one another. I don't doubt their relationship, but is this moving too fast? Is this too many animals? Who walks all of them? I get nervous enough at the thought of buying furniture as a couple because what if you break up and need to fight for that bookcase? But these are living things, not just apartment decor! They'll miss the other parent badly.

I suppose we can chalk it up to Somerhalder and Reed being super serious about each other, but it just seems like a relationship faux pas to me. The way I look at it, they're two cats, a horse, and dog's worth in love. That's a crap ton of feels too fast, you guys. And a lot of animals to look after together.

Image: Ian Somerhalder/Instagram