Is Selena Still All About That Biebs?

According to Idolator, Amazon France accidentally revealed the title, release date, and track list for Selena Gomez's upcoming greatest hits album, For You . Yes, you read that correctly: somehow, some way, Gomez is releasing a greatest hits album. Because, you know, she just has so... many... memorable... hits... ? I swear I'm not trying to be a jerk here, this just honestly doesn't make any sense to me. Gomez's music career is too young for her to be putting out a greatest hits compilation already! But I digress — there are far more important matters at hand. Idolator also reports that For You (due out on Nov. 24) will feature either two or three new songs, including rumored lead single, "Heart Wants What It Wants." Apparently, Gomez has already shot a music video for the track. Wait a minute...could this be the song and video that Ryan Seacrest was talking about all the way back in April? The song and video that would supposedly "get people talking" about her on again, off again relationship with Justin Bieber?

It certainly seems like it.

To refresh your memory, Seacrest said on his morning show in April that Gomez had shot a "really cool" video for a "big new song" that was supposedly coming out soon (obviously, that didn't end up happening — never trust the word "soon," people!). Seacrest explained:

The video will get people talking about whether or not it’s about she and Justin, that’s for sure … I watched it, and I looked at her, and I listened to the lyrics, and I’m like, "Okay, this is gonna have people talking and wondering!"

The title "Heart Wants What It Wants" certainly seems to suggest that the song's about a guy who Gomez can't seem to stay away from (even though she knows better). I mean, it just has be about Gomez and bad boy Biebasaur, right? Those two have broken up and gotten back together again more times than I can count (and I can count pretty high)! They may not be an item at the moment, but they were certainly getting cosy this summer, that's for sure.

Admittedly, keeping up with celebrity relationships ranks pretty low on my list of priorities (though I keep up with a number of other equally unimportant things), but I have to say, I am kind of interested to find out what continually draws Gomez to Bieber. Is it his sparkly eyes?

His sick Segway skills?

His beeeaaaauuuutiful voice?

His breathtaking vulnerability?

His "sexy" dance moves?


All of the above?? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anyway, I'll definitely keep you posted as more details about For You and "Heart Wants What It Wants" become available.

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