GRRM Responded To the Sexy Costume Of Himself

If you followed Playboy's advice this Halloween and went as a sexified version of Song Of Ice And Fire author George R. R. Martin, I've got news for you: Martin is very bemused by you. Not offended, not delighted, just nestled somewhere in the middle, eyes widened at the strange turns his life has taken to bring us all to this place. It was, all in all, a pretty measured and adorable response, at least until he got to the part about being turned on by himself. Then it got a little weird, but then again, there was no way this was going to avoid weird territory.

Playboy included the "keep the beard, lose the pants"-style sexy costume of Martin as part of their (actually pretty inspired) "Sexy Halloween Costumes We Want To See This Year" list. Then Martin — being a denizen of the Internet despite the fact that until recently his website looked like something that crawled out of Geocities — saw the costume. And then Martin took to his Livejournal to respond to the costume.

My life just keeps getting more and more surreal.I thought it was pretty odd last year, when the Game Of Thrones-inspired Halloween costumes offered for sale on the internet included not only Jon Snow, Dany, Melisandre, and other characters from the show, but also one based on me. Whoever heard of dressing up as a writer for trick or treating? I've never seen a Stephen King costume, a Scott Fitzgerald costume, a Herman Melville costume. But there it was, a George R.R. Martin. 'It can't get any weirder than this,' I thought.

Oh you sweet summer child.

Hoo boy, was I wrong about that.This year, believe it or not, Playboy has unveiled a 'Sexy George R.R. Martin' costume.
I can't say that I've ever had a thing for bearded women, but I have to confess, Sexy George R.R. Martin is... er... sexy. But there is something deeply disturbing about being turned on by yourself. Stranger than incest. Or even twincest.

Honestly not as weird a response as it could have been.

It makes you wonder, though: Are we now in a cultural place where dressing up as lingeried/sexified versions of famous is a thing that's going to be happening more and more? I'd guess so, just as I'd guess that certain subsets of literary communities have already been having those kinds of theme parties for years. Kind of makes you curious to see a Sexy Joss Whedon costume.