"Let It Go" Gets Into the Movember Spirit

It’s been almost a year since Frozen first hit cinemas, but the general obsession with the Disney movie shows no signs of abating. But if you thought you’d heard every “Let It Go” parody anyone could possibly dream up, think again: “Let It Grow” is here, and it’s the Movember version of “Let It Go” you had no idea you wanted. I mean it, you guys — it’s magical. Truly, truly magical.

Although the video was uploaded to YouTube by a brand-new going by the name of “Richard Annett,” it appears to be the work of musician Jesse Hawkins. Along with vocalist Jenny Payne, Hawkins is one-half of indie/folk duo Into the Wilderness; we know this because the guitarist and singer popped into “Let It Grow’s” comments to thank everyone for watching. He also pointed us towards the Into the Wilderness Facebook page — and given that the Costa Mesa, CA-based band has their first album dropping soon, I suspect that “Let It Grow” was released partially to drum up interest in it. To which I say this: Well played, Hawkins and company. Well played, indeed. Unleashing a parody this clever “into the wilderness,” so to speak (see what I did there?) just before the release of a first album is probably one of the best publicity stunts of all time, so bravo.

You really have to watch and listen to the whole thing to get the full effect, so scroll down to do just that; in the meantime, though, here are a few of my favorite alterations of the original lyrics:

Instead of “Let the Storm Rage On”…

“Let the Beard Flow On.”

And yes, there appears to be another bearded fellow performing an interpretive dance of the song in the background.

Instead of “To Test the Limits and Break Through”…

“To Test the Peach Fuzz and Break Through.”

I don’t know why I find that one so funny, but I love it.

Instead of “I Am One With the Wind and Sky”…

“I Am One With Gandalf the White.”

Gandalf is always the correct answer.

Instead of “My Power Flurries Through the Air Into the Ground”…

“My Bristles Thicken to a Hefty Facial Crowd.”

The reworked version of the bridge? It is a gem. But really, so is…

All of It.

All of it is magnificent, and you should watch it right now. Seriously, you guys. Stop what you’re doing, warn your coworkers that there might be some high-pitched laughter coming from your desk, and watch it. Then show it to everyone you know. Let it grow, everyone. Let it grow.

Images: Richard Annett/YouTube (4) Ever Lasting Sweetness/Tumblr; Rebloggy; Imgur; Giphy; Panda Whale