Are 'Below Deck's Jennice & Kelley Still Flirty?

As if it wasn't sad enough to see another season of Below Deck come and go, we didn't get nearly enough answers in that finale. Sure, there was the return of Dean Slover, but he didn't throw any hissy fits and actually came across as pretty normal (well, as normal as any guy who can drop 150 grand twice in one summer so he can ferry around some hot 20-somethings on a boat). Even worse, after spending the whole season flirting, Kelley Johnson and Jennice Ontiveros left their relationship as one huge question mark. And we won't find out whether or not they've been able to make a relationship work until the reunion.

I'm with the Bosun, Eddie Lucas, on this one — I think workplace romances are a terrible idea. But now that the Ohana's charter season is over all bets are off, and now it's all about what's going to make the juiciest news at the reunion. I can't decide if I want them to show up having been dating since the day the cameras stopped rolling, or for Jennice to show up with another BF who's actually willing to give her the time of day once they get together, and isn't just interested in the chase. I might have to lean towards the hunky new boyfriend because if he comes out onstage, Kat Held will have to flirt with him, and Kat flirting and talking in a fake British/Rhode Island accent is my favorite thing to ever be on TV.

But both Kelley and Jennice have been dropping clues on Twitter and Instragram, and even with their refusal to say anything other than "wait for the reunion," there's still plenty of stuff to read into.

They Both Went to the Florida Boat Show

Both Kelley and Jennice posted pictures from the Ford Lauderdale International Boat Show in the last few days. Both claim that they went with other people, but they could have crossed paths, right? Especially since it was Halloween weekend… the perfect holiday for hooking up.

Both Are Based in Florida

While Kelley is from Texas and Jennice is from New Mexico, they've both relocated to south Florida for the yachting industry. During the show, Jennice hinted that she wouldn't be able to see Kelley every day anymore, but they live in the same city (Fort Lauderdale). It wouldn't be that hard to hang out on weekends or something.

Jennice Was Just on Charter in the Bahamas

All right, point one for "not together." Long distance didn't really work out with her ex, and she might be hesitant to try that again. And diving headfirst into a tough new work environment can be a good way to get over a bad romantic situation.

Both Dropped Cryptic Hints on Twitter

Jennice and Kelley have promised many times that in the parlance of Vanderpump Rules, "the truth will come out" in the reunion show.

Both Have Been In NYC Recently

Kelley's sister, Amy, lives in New York, so Kelley's made a good amount of trips up there recently to visit her. But Jennice was also in New York just a little while ago. However, the dates don't line up perfectly — it seems like Kelley and Amy were in Florida at the time, working at the boat show.

Kelley Might Not Be Destined for Yachting

In a few Tweets, Kelley mentioned that he's looking for work in tournament fishing, and that he may have a shot at it soon. That's a big "boooooo" from the Below Deck fan in me, but great news for the Jennice/Kelley shippers out there — this means they wouldn't have to be coworkers or both out on yachts at the opposite ends of the Earth all the time.

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo