Look Who's Coming To 'The Mindy Project'

We all know that sitcoms love a good celebrity cameo, but it seems The Mindy Project is looking to bring a particularly familiar face back to the small screen. Entertainment Weekly has exclusively learned that Julia Stiles will guest star on The Mindy Project , where she'll play a recovering hoarder who is friends with Danny and develops a love connection with Morgan. As of now, both her character name and the episode air date remain unknown, but one thing is for sure — it's bound to be all sorts of awesome. That's not to say that The Mindy Project hasn't had some other amazing guest stars in the past because it totally has. However, Stiles will forever hold a special place in my heart, and that's pretty much all thanks to her memorable 10 Things I Hate About You character, Kat Stratford.

Don't get me wrong, my inner-teen also still loves her roles in Save the Last Dance and Down To You, but there was something about Kat that always stuck with me. There was a feminist aspect about her that I was immediately drawn to and wanted to emulate. Which got me thinking… there are quite a few important qualities from this character that I hope Stiles decides to bring to her Mindy role. Such as…

Her Total Disregard for Conformity

Seriously, these are words to live by, people.

Her Sassy Demeanor

Kat proves that winning over a girl's affection should never be easy. Make him work for it. Also, major kudos to her for being able to resist the charms of Heath Ledger for more than five seconds. Many have tried. Many have failed.

Her Healthy Outlook on Life

Preach, girl. PREACH.

Her Epic Stare

Who needs an eye roll when you've got a "don't mess with me" expression like that in your facial arsenal? Don't mess.

Her Survival Instincts

Who says this is a man's world?

Her Views on Popularity


Her Fearlessness To Defend What She Deserves

Because not even parents get it right all the time.

Her Ability To Speak Some Hard Truths

This burn deserves a round of applause.

Her Heartfelt Confessions

Morgan would have no choice, but to fall for her instantly. Just like we did.

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