JWoww's Fiance Roger Mathews Is One Proud Dad

Although when you think of JWoww, you probably picture her with Snooki, Jenni Farley does have a couple of more people who are a bit closer to her than her reality TV co-star and best friend. She's been engaged since Sept. 2012, so who is JWoww's fiance, Roger Mathews? Back in Jan. 2013, JWoww said she would wait until after marriage to have children, but Roger was ready to be a father then. Considering that JWoww gave birth to their daughter Meilani on July 13 of this year, it seems that Roger was able to change her mind. Or perhaps she was just intentionally misleading the press about her future plans, but either way, we know that Roger was excited to be a dad years before Meilani was born. What else do we know about the man who stands by JWoww?

Well, first off, Roger is actually 10 years older than JWoww, which could have played a part in his eagerness to become a father. Not only has he appeared on Snooki & JWoww — which has its Season 4 premiere on Nov. 5 on MTV, he was a visitor to the Jersey Shore and appeared with JWoww on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars. You can see a clip of the couple on the WEtv series below.

So though he may not be as famous as his other half, Roger definitely does not shy away from reality shows. Here's what Roger is up to outside of our TVs.

He's an Active Twitter-er

If you want your instant JWoww and Roger updates, turn to Twitter. He is a seriously proud papa as he proves by posting adorable photos of baby Meilani. Speaking of...

He Is a Doting Dad

In her interview with The Daily Mail UK below, JWoww talked about what an involved father Roger is to Meilani. She said, "And I really appreciate the father that he is because he's so hands on. We actually fight over who gets to change the diapers 'cause he wants to. Nothing scares him...So I'm able to work and kick ass outside of motherhood because he's such a doting father."

He Isn't a Jersey Native

Don't let Roger's Twitter handle fool you. Although he may go by "RogerMathewsNJ," he's actually from Cherryfield, Maine. And he brings up his family to see his local land often, as shown by his Twitter account. As a New Jerseyan living 10 minutes outside of Maine, I should probably bro out with their family next time they are up here.

He Is a Lover of Tattoos

Roger already had tattoos on his arms, and now he's working on some serious back ink. Examiner even claims that he has somewhere between 150 and 200 tattoos.

He Is Pretty Funny

Roger doesn't just avidly post on Twitter — he's actually pretty good at it. Although there are a lot of baby photos, Roger is aware that he's become one of "those people" who can't stop posting about their babies. That's OK, Meilani is outrageously adorable, and he keeps it amusing, so I say, keep it coming! Especially since this is Snooki & JWoww's final season — we'll need updates on their lives once the show is over.