13 Mustache-Inspired Decor Ideas To Get You In The Spirit For Movember

November is here, and let's just say it's starting to get a little hairy — for a good cause, of course. The beards and mustaches come out to play this time of year as people unleash their facial hair for Movember, a month-long campaign that aims to raise awareness for men's health issues like testicular and prostate cancer by encouraging members of the mustachioed community to go without shaving for 30 whole days. But just because you don't have a mustache doesn't mean you can't show your support.

Mustaches have somehow managed to work their way into the American aesthetic, and decorating with them has never been easier. So even if you can't grow a mustache, you can at least show your love for mustaches and everything they stand for this time of year. From coffee mugs to wall prints and everything in between, here are 13 mustache-inspired decor ideas to help you get into the spirit of Movember.


Mustache Coffee Mugs

Replace a foam mustache with a faux mustache as you sip your cappuccino from one of these playful, mustachioed mugs.

Coffee mugs, $2.99 each, T.J. Maxx

That Tickles Mustache Print

If this print doesn’t tickle your senses, nothing will. Some people may view their facial hair as works of art, but this funny bit of fuzz actually is a work of art.

That Tickles Mustache Print, $8,

Mustache Wall Mural

OK, so there’s nothing really subtle about this giant handlebar mustache wall print, but the whole point of Movember is to raise awareness and get people talking, right?

Mustache Wall Mural, $41,

Mustache Cat Figurine

If this adorable kitten figurine can rock a mustache for Movember, so can you… even if it is fake.

Mustache Cat Figurine, $12,

Mustache Garland

We’re betting you’ve never seen a garland adorned with facial hair before. Just goes to show that even when we least expect it, mustaches are always in style.

Mustache Garland, $10,

Mustache Wine Charms

Who knew mustaches could look so classy? These brightly colored wine glass charms are, well, charming.

Wine Charms, $2.99, T.J. Maxx

Mustache Hair Pins

Clip back your regular hair with pins inspired by facial hair. It seems like it shouldn’t make sense, and yet, it just does.

Mustache Hair Pins, $12.19,

I Heart Mustaches Print

You don’t have to have a mustache yourself to heart them anyway. Show your facial hair appreciation with this straight-to-the-point print.

I Heart Mustaches Print, $5,

Mustache Clock

No matter what time the second hand reads, it’s always mustache o’clock.

Mustache Clock, $34.99,

Mustache Straws

Perfect for entertaining, or for casually sipping lemonade out of a mason jar.

Mustache Straws, $6,

Mustache Pillow

We love this pillow because it’s so shady. The perfect place to rest your little mustachioed head.

Mustache Pillow, $14.99,

Mustache Outlet Decals

Power up with tiny mustache wall decals. These work perfectly plastered onto wall outlets, but I bet if you get creative, you can find some other hilarious places to put them as well.

Mustache Outlet Decals, $2.99,

Mustache Burlap Print

There’s just something strangely irresistible about a vintage mustache stamped onto a burlap canvas and framed in ivory scrolls. So dapper.

Mustache Burlap Print, $25,