Are We Sure Gunnar Is Micah's Dad on 'Nashville'?

From the moment Gunnar bumped into his ex-girlfriend at Barn-aroo a few episodes ago, it was hard not to think he'd turn out to be the father of Kiley's son Micah on Nashville . I mean, she was his first love, happened to be a single mom, and the actress who plays her, Alexa Vega, had signed on for a multi-episode arc. So he's gotta be the proud papa, right? Kiley may have dropped that truth bomb a few episodes ago, and the country crooner's being a good guy by wanting to bond with his new-found son before the little boy and Kiley leave town, but there hasn't been a paternity test, and something just seems off. The 100 percent official identity of Micah's dad could still be anyone's guess.

I'm not saying it's impossible for the boy to be Gunnar's son for real — it certainly makes for great drama if he is — but it just seems too easy. There must be something else to it. Why seek out Gunnar if Kiley didn't want to tell him about her son's paternity? Did she just tell him he was the dad to get him off her case and distract him from the truth? I hope we'll find out soon, but in the meantime, here are three paternity possibilities to consider.


As skeptical as I sound above, I admit that Gunnar really could be Micah's dad. The timing matches up and back then, Kiley and him were a pretty serious thing. And it wouldn't be such a bad thing for Micah to have a good guy like Gunnar as the solid male role model in his life, especially considering that Kiley seems to move around a lot. After Gunnar's brother died last year, he could also use some family on his side. The only person who may be absolutely pissed about this being the truth would be Zoey, who just returned from her tour.


Many people on the Internet have been theorizing that Jason, Gunnar's deceased brother, might be Micah's dad and I think that's also a distinct possibility. That would explain Kiley's original reluctance to reveal the identity of the baby-daddy to Gunnar — he might have a retroactive broken heart if she admits that she was cheating with Jason while she was supposedly devoted to Gunnar. And it would still give the singer a role in the little boy's life as his uncle. Zoey would also likely have a way better reaction to this result as well.

An Online Ex

Well, we do know that Kiley swears by online dating and has moved across the country to be with the men she loves. It's definitely possible that Micah's dad could in fact be an ex-boyfriend from Kiley's past, but one that she met online shortly before or after breaking up with Gunnar.

If Gunnar is in fact Micah's father, it may be a good thing for both of them, but it's only going to add more drama to that never ending Scarlett and Zoey love triangle.

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