Celebs Are All About Democracy, Y'all

In case you didn't wake up to the sound of your civic duty urging you to get up and vote, there are a bevy of celebs here to do just that. Tuesday marks midterm election day and it's a hugely important event that will shape the political landscape of our country. Voters in each state will determine who gets a seat in the House of Representatives, a place in the Senate, and in many cases, a new governor will also be elected. The midterm elections also have the power to determine the upcoming 2016 Presidential race. And it's not just politicians who are hitting the pavement encouraging the public to vote, it's Hollywood.

The entertainment industry has played a crucial role in politics, especially since the Clinton era. When Bill Clinton was running for President of the United States in 1992, he appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show and played the saxophone in a pair of shades. Bill Clinton was "cool" and he won the election, especially with the help of the MTV campaign to Rock the Vote, which ushered in an entire generation of young, oft-ignored voters. George Bush was the subject of endless satire, including a Broadway event starring Will Ferrell. It even aired on HBO.

And then there was Tina Fey in 2008 parodying Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin and exclaiming, "I can see Russia from my house!" McCain and Palin were defeated by the much more tuned-in Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Then in 2010, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert took to Washington with the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, which blurred the lines almost completely between comedic jabs and genuine political lobbying. When Wendy Davis staged a game-changing filibuster in Texas to protect women's rights, dozens upon dozens of celebrities helped raise awareness about her fight.

Suffice it to say, celebrities and Hollywood can really make a huge impact on the way the public perceives politicians. Here's how the entertainment industry is showing its support of the midterm elections: