Lena Dunham Protests NBC's 'Obvious Child' Snub & 5 More Causes She Supports

Lena Dunham is not only one of the most equally celebrated and criticized young women in Hollywood, she's also one of the most outspoken. Though her minimal filter in interviews and her online presence has landed her in hot water on multiple occasions, she often uses public platforms to bring awareness to causes she really believes in. Dunham's latest online rally is against the controversy surrounding NBC and their refusal to air the trailer for Obvious Child. The offbeat rom-com is about a comedian who struggles with a broken relationship, creative ruts, and after a one night stand has an abortion. It's been reported that NBC has refused to air the trailer because it mentions the word "abortion." However, there have been some mixed responses from NBC who refute the accusation and have shifted blame to the film's distributors.

Despite NBC's rebuttal, plenty of people are upset with the network, including Dunham. She's joined an online campaign called #StopTheStigma, which aims to address the refusal of society to have open and honest conversations about how and why women have abortions. It is also linked to a petition directed at NBC and their refusal to air the Obvious Child ad. Dunham tweeted, "NBC refuses to air the trailer for Obvious Child because it mentions abortion and that's not okay. #StoptheStigma : http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/147/555/888/ …"

Dunham chiming in on the cause is just one of many socio-political stances she has taken online and in public. Here are a handful of issues Dunham has used her celebrity to raise awareness.


Dunham speaks not only do the many issues surrounding abortion, she also speaks to the many issues surrounding censorship.

Gay Marriage

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Dunham very openly supports gay rights. When asked about future marriage plans with her rockstar boyfriend Jack Antonoff while backstage at the 2013 Golden Globes, Dunham responded, ""I don't want to get married until all gay people can get married."

Body Politics

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Dunham uses her body, her art, and her voice to bring attention to the ways women's bodies are shamed by society, In an interview with New York Magazine she commented, "Another part [of doing nude scenes] feels like, not “Fuck you,” but a way of saying, with these bodies, you know: Don’t silence them...There’s people who don’t want to see bodies like mine or bodies like their own bodies."


Dunham took a hude stance in the 2012 Presidential election, as it was historically, one of the biggest elections involving women's rights. She made a humorous "First Time" video encouraging young voters to get themselves to the polls for the first time and stood amongst dozens of famous women for the "You Don't Own Me" PSA.

Standing with Texas

Dunham was one of millions who reached out to Texas Senator Wendy Davis, whose historical filibuster helped protect women's health rights in her state.


In a time when the Internet has become a space for large conversations surrounding feminism and the rights of women, the #YesAllWomen campaign has been one of the largest online movements. Dunham naturally chimed in.

*Author's note: #StopTheStigma has also been used to open up the conversation surrounding mental health