Jane & Michael Are Good, For Now

Each new episode of Jane The Virgin seemed like another opportunity for Michael and Jane to seem more and more not right for each other. In "Chapter 3" of the telenovela, Michael up'ed his sneak factor tenfold by working so hard to protect Petra from being arrested for Zazo's murder... and it was pretty frustrating. I mean the guy completely risked his reputation, career, and future on trying to keep Jane from wanting to keep the baby. But finally, after what seemed like just a mountain of miscommunication and lying, Michael and Jane realized they do love each other, and plan to go ahead with the wedding.

It didn't start off so smooth, though. In the beginning of Monday's "Chapter 4," Michael and Jane go to see a priest for their marriage counseling, pre-wedding. But because Jane couldn't lie in front of Father Ortega, she admits to having a sexy dream with none other than, Rafael. Michael, who is clearly upset about the situation, says later on that maybe they shouldn't get married if she is in love with another man. Well, that sounds like the most obvious statement of the year, but I don't think Jane is in love with Rafael just yet (although it is bound to happen).

That's when Jane thinks that writing a love letter to Michael is going to prove how she truly feels about him — after all, in her mind, she loves him. Unfortunately, because things seem to never go smoothly for this crew of characters, Jane accidentally gives the love letter to Rafael and gives Michael the article she wrote about the hotel. When she realizes her mistake, and runs to Rafael to explain it wasn't for him, Jane finds herself in the friendzone. Maybe even worse than the friendzone, as Rafael says he sees her as his sister. And just like that, the fantasy (a.k.a., that magical orb that floated around Rafael's head in Jane's mind) disappears, and Jane is sure she doesn't have feelings for the baby daddy.

Michael realizes that he royally eff'ed up and runs to Jane at the bridal store, where he expresses his love for her and they seem to resolve any issue they've ever had. Michael even says that if Jane wanted to keep the baby, he would be OK with that. We'll see about that when it happens, because that will definitely happen, but for now we should just appreciate it as Michael putting in the effort.

Here's the thing, none of this will last. Maybe for the next two "chapters" of the show, Michael and Jane will be a united couple, but they are bound to find themselves in the same situation later on in the pregnancy. Plus, Rafael is now having sexy dreams about Jane, which is bound to complicate things in the relationship — especially now that he has officially called it quits with Petra (or Natalia?).

Images: Danny Feld/The CW (2)