Watch Quvenzhané Wallis & Jamie Foxx Bond

Annie is a pretty iconic musical, and so there are a few things that are essential to any production aiming to draw from it. Those include, but are not limited to: A scrappy youngster, some variety of red outfits, and a curmudgeonly wealthy person whose heart is opened by that aforementioned scrappy youngster. The latest trailer for the newest Annie includes all of these things, and in fact combines them to reach another thing crucial to all Annie interpretations: a feeling of discovery, and a feeling of yearning. Jamie Foxx's William Stacks and Quvenzhané Wallis' Annie are about to form their own little family unit along with Rose Byrne's Grace Farrell, and this trailer proves it's gonna be a mighty fun ride.

It's very clear at this point that this version is going to be a much more heavily autotuned version of the proceedings of Annie — the 1982 version certainly felt very '80s, and the '90s made-for-TV version was all shiny turn-of-the-century Disney. This one, like those, will be built out of the sensibilities of its own contemporary movie base. The big difference will be that 2014's Annie is moved out of the original time period and into ours. But it's also clear that this is the same old Annie — despite the autotune, it's still gonna try its darnedest to make you feel all fluffy over this orphan and her adoption story.

Watch the latest trailer below:

Image: Columbia Pictures