Campaign Urges Planned Parenthood to #DropDunham

In light of the recent controversies activist groups have protested Lena Dunham's memoir Not That Kind of Girl, the topic #DropDunham has started to trend on Twitter, calling for Planned Parenthood to drop Dunham, who currently partners with them as a celebrity spokesperson. The driving argument for these groups began after Dunham's memoir revealed several instances of sexual exploration involving her younger sister, which the politically conservative site Truth Revolt deemed child molestation. Dunham immediately took to Twitter expressing her fury, and not long after, her little sister Grace Dunham also tweeted dismissing the claims.

The initial instance in in the memoir that sparked the allegations against her was that at 7 years old, Dunham looked at her younger sister's vagina to confirm that it looked the same as hers. Other instances include Dunham masturbating at age 17 while sharing a bed with her sister, and bribing her sister for affection with candy at age 12. All of these passages from Not That Kind Of Girl have been made public, and have sparked enough of a heated debate online that Dunham is now experiencing both a steady stream of backlash and support.

A primary source of the backlash is the rally on Twitter for Planned Parenthood to drop Dunham because they believe that the allegations against her make her unfit to represent an organization committed to the protection of women. It began with Deva Cats-Baril, an activist who took to Twitter and started the #DropDunham tag that is currently trending, most of the tweets tagging both Dunham and Planned Parenthood. She initially launched the protest on November 1st, with this tweet:

She and other promoters of the protest have claimed that Dunham has only escaped scrutiny for these allegations because she is a white and privileged, and point out that most of her supporters fit that same demographic.

Here are a few other tweets that have joined the campaign:

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