'Hart Of Dixie' Finally Has a Premiere Date!

Season 4 of The CW's charming, silly, and sweet Hart Of Dixie will likely be its last. When that final round would be taking place has been the question since the show's Season 3 finale — a question made all the more urgent when fall TV season kicked into gear with the show nowhere on the schedule. But, Hart Of Dixie finally has a Season 4 premiere date. Glory be! Now, if only it weren't so far away.

According to the press release as published by Give Me My Remote, Hart Of Dixie's cast of characters and their incredibly messy love lives will be returning to the land of the living come January 9. In other words 2015, in other words, way too far from now.

The CW's relationship with Hart Of Dixie is understandable: It was already struggling pretty hard in the ratings throughout Season 3, to the point that cancellation seemed likely and the writers started moving things around in a way that seemed very clearly designed to fit an endgame. Then Rachel Bilson got pregnant with timing that would most definitely make her bump present throughout Season 4 filming, making the episode order already shorter than usual to accommodate it.

It seems pretty clear that Hart Of Dixie will be ending this season — especially with crucial star Wilson Bethel signed on for Astronaut Wives next — so now the question becomes: How will the show go out? For now it's as a mid-season replacement. With Parks and Rec and Glee also bowing out in 2015, it's gonna be a spring packed full of shortened-season goodbyes.

Image: CW