If You Haven't Heard '1989,' You Have Hurt Me

Like millions of others, I have been all about Taylor Swift's new album 1989 since its release last week. I play it almost nonstop; whether I am running errands around town, working out, shopping, eating dinner, watching TV — that last one has proved to be difficult — the albums are almost always playing. And because I am so obsessed with the album, I assume everyone else is. But there are people — believe it or not, maybe even your friends — who have not listened to Swift's 1989, and I bet you have a few choice words for them.

And now that those "friends" of yours are going to have a little bit of a difficult time finding 1989 on Spotify, since Swift and co. have pulled it off the music source, you might find yourself really getting on them to buy the album or at least listen to it. But let's say someone is stubborn and doesn't "want" to listen to it, or they're too "busy" to listen to it, or they are unwilling to agree that 1989 is her best album so far, so you need something to convince them. In case the fact that the album sold 1.3 million copies within the first week, feel free to say or react in the following manners when you hear that your friend still hasn't listened to 1989.

1. "Who hurt you?"

2. "That's just rude."

3. "Let me tell you something about being insane..."

4. Just "WHAT?"

5. "But really... WHAT?"

6. "I have nothing but tears."


8. "I'm not mad, I'm just... disappointed."

9. "Do you have tissues?"

10. "Yeah, OK, suuuuuure."

11. "Are you f**king kidding me?"

12. "I have to go."

13. "You need to fix that, ASAP."

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