17 Definite Signs Someone Completely Gets You

There are best friends. And then there are people who get you in a spiritual, next-level kind of way. They can be your friends, your mom, your sister, your boyfriend, your girlfriend; basically any human that excels in the art of You. We all need someone who “gets” us, because the world can be insanely lonely and ugly and mean. We need someone who we rarely have to clarify things with. Someone who can take one look at us and just know that we're fuming, even though to any stranger we look totally normal. Someone who understands our weird obsessions and loves us for us.

The person who truly gets you is the Jane to your Daria. The Cece to your Jess Day. The Beavis to your Butthead. You fiercely love this person and cannot imagine a world without them. And you don’t have to, because this person (obviously feel very free to interchange “she” and “he” throughout) will be here for you through thick and through thin, and you will be there for them. Here are 17 ways to tell if someone really, really gets the phenomenon that is you.

1. They’ll say “what’s wrong,” even when you haven’t said anything

They know your nuances, the way your eyes start blinking slowly when you want to physically crush something, or that when you start playing with your bangs is when you really want to be crying. You don’t need to say a single word. She’ll just know what’s up with you.

2. You could send them a single emoji and they’ll understand your exact state of mind at that moment

This is your "Let's Get Weird With Some Wine And Maybe Drunk Bake Some Cupcakes Tonight" emoji:

This is your "I/You Just Did Something Or Said Something Very On Point / That Photo Of Your Kale Salad On Insta Is Perfection" emoji:

This is your "Do Not Sleep With Your Ex! Remember Last Time?" emoji:

3. She gets that Taco Bell is sometimes the only solution for any given problem

You both know that it’s basically arsenic for you intestines, but you don’t care. Taco Bell makes things better.

4. You don’t have to lie to them about the amount of times you’ve gone to gym in the last three months (read: zero)

Even if she’s a gym rat, she knows you hate the gym, and she supports your bad attitude, because your bad attitude contributes to who you are.

5. You never have to say, “I know I’m a terrible person for saying this…”

Because she already knows you’re not a terrible person. I mean, maybe you’re just slightly terrible but mostly amazing and good.

6. You two can sit at a diner eating cheesy fries and not have to say anything to each other

The mark of true, bona fide friendship, is not having to have a conversation going at all times. And ordering a monstrous plate of appetizers to share.

7. When you call each other, you just get straight to it, because small talk is for amateurs

No need for “Hi, how are you doing,” because A) he already knows how you’re doing, and B) you two always have much more pressing things to discuss, anyway.

8. She’ll know when you’re not comfortable in a social situation from five miles away and will come save you

Whether you’re talking to some aggressive guy at the bar, or the sales lady at New York & Company is all over you to buy a pencil skirt you just do not want, she will be there for you.

9. They’re not afraid to call you out

They’re not afraid of being real with you because they love you. And they also know how to phrase things so your feelings don't get hurt.

10. When you’ve been broken up with, they’ll show up unannounced with wine and Oreos

They know what your body REALLY needs during a breakup: alcohol and processed sugar.

11. Even though you two have quit smoking, you silently agree that when you’re drunk, it doesn’t count

Fact: Social smoking is not even real smoke (eh, it is, but whatever).

12. You get the most personalized birthday gifts ever, like a handmade wallet with Ryan Gosling's face on it, or the entire Sweet Valley High collection because she knows you have a secret weird thing for ‘80s YA

She will NEVER get you a gift card, because gift card are bull. Gift cards are when you have admitted defeat. She will always get you the most on point present and it will make you feel special and loved and wonderful every single time.

13. You never have to say “you know?” because you know she’ll know

And it’s really nice.

14. She knows that when you say, “Can we go get healthy-ish food?”, you really mean Panera

Because duh.

15. You both senselessly hate on innocuous things like grown-ups who wear Winnie the Pooh shirts, or guys who pronounce “guitar” as “gee-tar”

The best part about having a friend who gets you, is talking shit with said friend, because they are almost always on the same hate level as you, and it’s glorious.

16. They have their fridge stocked with your favorite snacks (and vice versa)

You would consider yourself a bad person if you didn’t have at least one box of parmesan Cheez-its for your main squeeze.

17. If someone says something idiotic in front of you, you make the two-second wide eyed "Can you believe this horrible human?!" look at each other

Words are not necessary. They are never necessary. It's you two against the world.

Images: Patrick McElhenney/FOX; Emojipedia(3); Giphy(3)