Jon Stewart Didn't Vote & That's Super Lame

I've got to say, this one baffles me. For someone who is all talk about politics and has been following the midterm election closely on his show, how is it that Jon Stewart didn't vote on Tuesday? It's actually super lame that he didn't vote for more than one reason. First of all, why wouldn't you vote? We learned this in 4th grade, voting gives us the right to speak our minds and make a difference. There are a ton of celebrities that have urged fans to #GoVote on Tuesday, so for Jon Stewart — of all people — to not vote, I can't help but call lame (HE IS HOSTING A SPECIAL ON ELECTION NIGHT, DAMMIT!). But what will really bother you is his reason for not voting.

Stewart talked to CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday and didn't even hide the fact that he didn't vote. "I just moved. I don't know where my thing is now," Stewart said when Amanpour asked him if he voted (which I can pretty much guarantee she believed was going to be a "yes"). He didn't "know where his thing is now," take that phrase in. I'm sorry Mr. Stewart, but a 102-YEAR-OLD WOMAN VOTED TODAY, and your excuse is that you didn't know where your "thing" was? Trust me, that joke is not lost on me, in anyway.

Obviously his "thing" refers to his polling place. And not knowing where his polling place is, is the craziest, laziest thing someone can ever say to explain why they didn't vote. I would respect the excuse of "There was a Bones marathon on, and I didn't want to miss it," more than I respect "I didn't know where my thing is now." It's 2014, Google is this wonderful invention that allows you to look up the real mysteries of the world to find out where your polling place is and go there to vote.

Example 1: Where's My F**king Polling Place

All you have to do is put in your home address and it comes up with the closest polling location to you. I found out my closest polling place was in my building lobby. Doesn't get much easier than that, does it Jon? Actually it does, because the site also gives you the candidates and what they stand for, so you can vote and be mega-informed. No excuse.

Example 2: Head Count

Another site that allows you to input your address and tells you where to go. Not hard at all, unless you don't know your address. It also allows you to verify your voter registration and sign up for an absentee ballot (another thing Stewart could have done to avoid this whole thing).

Example 3: Google

All I googled was "Where do I vote" and a wonderful screen appeared where I typed in my address and found my closest polling place. It isn't fancy, it isn't sassy, but it does the job.

Example 4: Be More Like Lil Jon

OK, so this isn't a website to go to to find your "thing," but Jon Stewart should look to his fellow Jon — Lil Jon, that is — and make some moves to get to the polling place. Lil Jon, who was expecting an absentee ballot this year, never got one, so what did he do? Not vote? NO. Lil Jon flew across the country from Los Angeles to Atlanta to vote, bright and early this morning. #TurnOutForWhat

In case you need a reassurance of people that do exercise their right to vote, and are damn proud of it, take a look at Bustle's #AfterVotingSelfie photos of staff and readers who are much cooler than Stewart and got out to the polling places.

In the case that this is all a ruse, which is very possible, well played Stewart.