Marcia Gay Harden Joins 'HTGAWM'

We only have a couple of episodes left of the addicting How To Get Away With Murder until we learn who killed Sam Keating. Was it Annalise? Because last Thursday's episode ended on a note that made it seem like Annalise had nothing to do with it, but because of that, it makes me think she did have something to do with it. Or maybe Bonnie killed him, because we all know there is something going on between the two of them. Either way, once we know who killed Sam there will definitely be a trial regarding his murder — this is a show about lawyers after all. So when it was announced that Marcia Gay Harden would be joining the HTGAWM cast in the second half of the season — to air next year — it wasn't hard to imagine she would have something to do with the trial of whoever murdered Sam Keating.

Harden has a busy early 2015, as she will be starring as Christian Grey's mother, Grace, in 50 Shades Of Grey , which comes out Valentine's Day (obviously). There she will play a pediatrician, which is sweet, but most likely the complete opposite of who she could play on HTGAWM. Although the network is keeping it a secret as to who Harden will play, we can definitely speculate.

A Lawyer

Again, I feel like this is the best bet as to what Harden's character will be. I'm not sure how it works, but I feel like Annalise would defend herself — is that doable? — and if it were one of the students, I don't think Annalise would be their lawyer, since, you know, they killed her hubby.These two would be amazing going head to head in court.

Another Judicial Individual

Let this represent the judge that presides over the case, or maybe the stenographer? OK, probably not the stenographer, unless the stenographer was really the murderer and then, plot twist, she tricks everyone. But I could totally see Annalise having to deal with a badass judge, like Harden, when she tries to prove or disprove the person responsible for Sam's murder.

A Professor

Is this allowed? I know that the students are always with Annalise, but maybe, just maybe, they'll start to go to another class of theirs where Harden will be the professor. Again, I don't know if this is allowed in the world of "Annalise Keating Law School."

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