She May Have Had a Romance on 'Below Deck'

When Bravo started running the promos for the Season 2 reunion special for Below Deck , they teased that Ben and Kate may have shared more than just a room, if you know what I mean. Yes, the network revived those rumors from before the show even aired that there was a love triangle between Ben, Kate, and Kat. But just like that didn't really pan out on Below Deck, I figured this was just Bravo hyping something up as salacious when really nothing happened.

Much to my surprise, the Below Deck reunion delivered. Ben and Kate's relationship on board the Ohana was one of the final topics of the night. When host Andy Cohen asked Ben if he and Kate hooked up, Ben responded saying, "When? You've got to be more specific." Not a flat-denial from the British chef regarding a fling with Kate, who he obviously has chemistry with? What? Has Christmas come early?

But trust me, it gets better. Ben went on to say, "Is there life after Ohana? We may have." And then he and Kate were basically like, "Yeah, we did." So there you have it. Although Ben and Kate rarely agreed on what time to serve dinner or who should be serving it, they were able to put their differences aside for a little dry-land nookie. I can only imagine what kind of blanket Kate folded in the morning.

Ben and Kat were a little less forthcoming with any details on their on-board relations, which Andy asked them about as well. It was very confusing and drawn out and seemed like they were both trying to cover something up, so we all just have to come to our own conclusions about that one.

And as for that mysterious white pillow stain, you ask? Though we were all led to believe that it was a, shall we say, souvenir from Ben and Kat's rather loud hook-up, the whole crew seemed to agree that it wasn't a bodily fluid. Kelley suspected it was either sunscreen or toothpaste. Well, that is much less exciting but a lot less gross to think about.

So Ben is officially the lothario of the ship, as Andy put it. Since there was no hanky-panky coming from Eddie, who's in a committed relationship off the boat, I suppose he's not a bad option. Ben's actually got a lot going for him. There's the British accent, the culinary skills, and the sardonic sense of humor. Those are all good qualities that would certainly help make six weeks at sea fly by.

"I don't do it to show off or anything," Ben said of his ladies' man status. And he's humble, too!

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo