Dandy’s Agenda Could Be Pretty Dark

When it comes to American Horror Story: Freak Show, death and destruction are never too far behind. However, I doubt anyone was expecting to see Twisty the Clown get killed off so shortly into the season. I mean, wasn’t this supposed to be this year's Big Bad? Where does that leave us with the rest of the season? Luckily (or is it unluckily?) for us, there just happened to be a murderous apprentice hanging around more than willing to step into those rather big clown shoes. Dandy Mott has become the new Twisty, and given that devilish smile that spread so widely across his face after murdering Patti LaBelle’s Dora, this is definitely going to spell trouble for Elsa & Co. But how deep does Dandy’s agenda really run?

As of now, his ultimate endgame has yet to be revealed, though I’m sure Ryan Murphy will let us in on that little secret all in due time. However, one can only hope that some Lysol and strong disinfectant is involved because that whole mask-sharing thing is still making my stomach churn. (I know it’s supposed to be symbolic of the Killer Clown torch being passed or whatever, but still… GROSS!) But germ-infested masks aside, it’s high time we start considering what Dandy intends to do with his new-found villainy. And I just happen to have a few ideas on the matter…

To Become Famous

Like any spoiled child of entitlement, Dandy enjoys being the center of attention. Whether he’s ranting about being bored or drinking from his cognac-filled baby bottle, this guy expects you to pay attention to his every move. And what better way to ensure a captivated audience than by becoming an iconic serial killer? Poor Twisty may have had innocent intentions (or so he thought), but there’s a good chance Dandy’s just in this for the glory.

To Seek Revenge on Those Who Wronged Him

Remember when Dandy begged Jimmy to let him join their sideshow act and Jimmy basically kicked him to the curb? Something tells me that’s not something Dandy’s going to let slide, especially now that he’s experienced first hand that sweet taste of revenge. (RIP Dora.) He may decide they all deserve his wrath after so easily turning their backs on him. Because if there’s one thing Dandy isn’t used to, it’s being told the word "no."

To Kidnap Bette and Dot

Dandy has had his eye on those conjoined twins right from the start and even wanted his mother to buy them for him. And since that clearly didn’t work out the way he wanted, he could decide to rectify the situation in his own unique way. So naturally, kidnapping comes to mind. (I mean, thanks to Twisty, he kinda has a lot of experience in that area now.)

Or, he could attempt to take the kinder approach and simply try to woo them. In fact, Murphy recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that “a weird five-way thing” will develop between Jimmy, Maggie, the twins, and Dandy. “Dandy is in love with the twins,” Murphy teases. “So what the f*** is going to happen?” I wasn’t even sure Dandy was capable of love. Either way, the Tattler twins had better watch their back.

To Become a “Freak”

Underneath all the snobbery and boredom, all Dandy has really wanted is to feel like he belongs somewhere, so his dreams of joining Elsa’s sideshow may not be over with just yet. Whether he decides to alter his physical appearance or just try to weasel his way into the group by performing a certain noteworthy talent (one that hopefully doesn’t involve sawing someone in half), Mr. Mott would probably do whatever it takes to feel included. To him, this sideshow could be his one-way ticket out of boredomville. And God help anyone who tries to take it away from him.

To Torture His Mother

Let’s be honest — Murphy loves giving his male characters extreme cases of mommy issues. In fact, it’s usually one of the main plot devices every season. So it would make sense for Dandy to completely turn on Gloria for all the smothering he’s endured throughout his life. I don’t think he’d go so far as to kill her. (Even serial killers have a soft spot for their mothers.) But I think he’d enjoy torturing her a little bit, so she could see just the kind of monster she ended up creating. That’ll teach her to buy a Howdy Doody Halloween costume.

He Has No Plan At All

The only thing more terrifying than an organized killer, is a disorganized one. So if Dandy has no clear plan of what he intends to do with his latest hobby, that makes him extremely unpredictable, and much, much more dangerous.

Images: Michele K. Short/FX; Giphy (4); americanhorrorstoryobsession/Tumblr; ultimatemoviefanatic/Tumblr