These Two Elsas Are The Same Person

There are many reasons for American Horror Story fans to love this latest season. From Evan Peters' interesting hand techniques to the wide assortment of Freak Show 's musical performances, it's already proven to be a wild and crazy ride. And we're not even halfway through the season yet! However, for me, the true star of this spectacular show begins and ends with AHS and Jessica Lange's Elsa Mars. But it's not just because Jessica Lange can do no wrong (though that's totally true). Even the name "Elsa" itself carries with it a certain elevated level of importance, probably due to the fact that it immediately makes you think of a certain Frozen star. (Come on, admit it. It's crossed your mind at least once or twice.) Which, of course, got me thinking… Elsa Mars and Queen Elsa are actually pretty similar in more ways than you'd think.

Sounds crazy, right? I mean, what could a German sideshow performer possibly have in common with an animated queen who possesses magical freezing powers? It may not seem that likely, but at their core they're practically identical. You know, other than the whole side braid thing. (Lange's Elsa needs longer hair for that.) But hey, you don't have to just take my word for it. There's plenty of GIF-tastic proof to go around.

They Love To Sing

Whether they're desperately trying to get discovered by Hollywood or simply trying to work through some identity issues, there's no denying that these characters love to lyrically belt out their feelings. And the results are nothing short of mesmerizing.

They've Even Perfected the Dramatic Arm Stretch

I mean...

And the Sexy Stare


They Tend Not To Trust Men

Preach, ladies. PREACH.

They've Both Kept Their True Selves Hidden From the World

They may be the greatest secret keepers in the world, but they're also the loneliest.

They've Both Been Harassed By Men With Unnecessary Mutton Chops

Do they have the same barber or something? Seriously, guys, what gives?

They've Both Created a Makeshift Home

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

They Both Have Body Guards

Never underestimate the power of loyal subjects.

They Both Have Amazing Fashion Sense

Looking fabulous, no matter the occasion.

They Love the Color Blue

Maybe even a little too much.

And Finally, They're Both the Epitome of Cool

Bow down to their greatness.

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