Khloe, Your Instagrams Will Not Help Find Lamar

Lamar Odom has been missing or in serious peril, according to ongoing reports, for at least the 12 days. His wife, Khloe Kardashian Odom is reported to be at the end of her rope, considering divorce if Lamar does not return from his devastating path. Yet, for the past 12 days, Khloe has been posting selfies and meta-selfies (we'll explain in a minute) of her palling around with her sister, her assistant, and other miscellaneous "besties." If there was ever a time to cool it on the social media, it's when something as emotionally devastating as this is happening. Khloe, for the love of the iPhone 5, give it a rest on the Instagramming.

What possible reasons could she have for continuing to post pouty selfies with nothing more than the kiss emoji as a caption? If she's trying to keep up a brave face, here's a little tip: no one expects you to put on a brave face when the man you married is:

A) Missing

B) Accused of Cheating

C) Hiding out doing "$800 dollars of crack" a day

D) Some combination of all of the above

In fact, at a time like this and in the face of the Kardashian Empire's official silence on the matter, taking to social media to post upbeat images of you almost (cheeky) kissing your sister, partying in zebra print with your wacky blonde friend, or posing like a model in some trendy spot with palm frond wall paper could come across as callous. Do you not feel, Khloe? We don't need to see you cry like Kim, but come on? Why so giddy? Why so normal?

As one Instagram user so eloquently pointed out, "I MEAN NO DISRESPECT..... but u should go find ur husband..." The comment has since been removed from Kardashian Odom's Sept. 5 post, likely because it amounted to a 300-word, insulting lecture about being a good wife to a man who's accused of some pretty terrible things, and it must be hard to Khloe to withstand that sort of lecturing and negativity at a sensitive time like this.

But that's exactly why sporting one's duck face in silly pictures and even pictures of framed photos of oneself (there's your meta-selfie) probably isn't a great idea right now. Go ahead. Be private. Be sad like a person whose life has thrown her a massive curve ball.

Even if Khloe's sexy pics could serve as some sort of Bat Signal to woo Odom away from his dark path and back to her, shouldn't they come with some sort of plea for her dear Lam to return home? Instead, her photos look like the revenge rampage of a teenage girl whose boyfriend just dumped her for the new head cheerleader — a sort of "look what you're missing" photo shoot.

She's got the "Look how awesome my crazy friends are" shots, the "I'm so naturally sexy" shots, the "I was so cute as a little kid" shot, and, of course, the "facetious, goofy model pose that's actually gorgeous" shot. This does not look like the behavior of someone who's just lost a person she loves to a humiliating public scandal.

That being said, it's doubtless that Kardashian Odom is having a rough go of it this week, but all I'm saying is laying off the self-promotion (a phrase not present in the Kardashian household) might make this whole ordeal a little easier — and help quell the bevy of rumors about the whole unbelievable story being a cruel PR stunt.

Khloe, we love you. Eat a Subway footlong. Watch The Notebook with your wild, blonde friend. Drink booze straight out of the bottle. But please, for your own sake, resist snapping a pic for all of the Internet to see.

[Images: Khloe Kardashian's Instagram]