In Other News: September 6, 2013

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Yale's dean of admissions, a.k.a. the woman every tiger-parent wants to be friends with, has lifted the veil on the college's admissions process in a Slate essay.

In response to a Russian ambassador who called Britain "a small island that no-one listens to," (woah!) UK Prime Minister David Cameron launched into an impassioned public speech about exactly how wrong that was. And then the Guardian set it to music. You can watch the final product here.

Scientists just discovered the world's biggest volcano. It's under the Atlantic, about the size of New Mexico, and compares to the gargantuan Olympus Mons on Mars. (Don't freak out: it's inactive.)

Legally, American border patrol officers can stop anyone who has admitted to smoking pot from entering the country. But Canadian politicians are open about being stoners — which has all the right ingredients for a diplomatic incident. (P.S. What about when Obama enters? Why is he exempt, ex-pothead that he is?)

You love The Onion. Your friends love The Onion. But is the Internet slowly ruining it?

What brands does the U.S. "like" the most on Facebook? Clue: none are the Department of State, in spite of a very expensive social-media campaign.

A Croatian ice-cream store has launched a new flavor: the "Facebook." It's blue and white, and very sugary. So what flavors would other major tech players be?

Jezebel has penned an etiquette guide for Asma al-Assad, wife of the Syrian President. "So You Married An Evil Despot?: The Etiquette Guide To Being Married To A Murderous Dictator."

The "Netflix of books" — the app Oyster, which allows users to pay ten dollars to download tens of thousands of books — has just launched.

Hasbro is bringing a little cat figurine to the Monopoly board, and you gotta watch this ad for it.

Speaking of interesting ads, the One Direction fragrance has already made more than five million dollars. In a week. Plus, they have their own perfume advert, thank goodness.

Sarah Silverman's tribute to her recently-deceased dog will make you weep.

Thanks to America, fast food has taken over the world, prompting suggestions that obesity is America's biggest export.

We absolutely blame Miley Cyrus for this one.

And there's a new meme making the rounds: Unimpressed Dog. (Well, it is Friday.)