This Cafe Serves Every Cereal You Could Want

If you're a breakfast lover and live in or plan to visit London, you're in luck. Alan and Gary Keery, two identical twins from Belfast, Ireland, are responsible for the city's first cereal-themed restaurant, aptly called The Cereal Killer Cafe, which will open in December. The cafe will serve over 100 types of cereals, 12 types of milk, and 20 different types of toppings to create the most perfect combination of this already amazing breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack food.

The idea, which is basically like a froyo bar for cereal, was not coined by the two brothers, but actually started here in the United States with Cereality a cereal cafe company with two locations based in Texas and and Virginia and more in the works. Their menu includes things like "Life's a Bowl of Cherries" which includes Life cereal, dried cherries, and chocolate chips, and "Three's a Charm" made with Reese's Puffs, Lucky Charms, and chocolate chips.

Though the Keery brothers weren't able to meet their Indiegogo fundraising goals for the project (they only raised about 1,000 pounds out of a goal of 60,000 pounds), they decided to go ahead and fund the project themselves in addition to finding other investors. Below, check out the initial campaign video and see what The Cereal Killer Cafe is up to on Twitter and Instagram.