You're Probably Making These Makeup Mistakes

by Microsoft

We get it: Getting adjusted to your first job can be tough, especially when it comes to your makeup routine. But during a period where you're working hard to earn respect and recognition at the company, it's important to look the part as well as to act it.

It's easy to be enthusiastic about swapping jeans and sweats for pencil skirts when you make the switch from college life to working in an office setting. When it comes to makeup, though — the look that made you feel like a million bucks at a cocktail party might not be what you should sport day to day in the workplace. In fact, overdoing makeup can distract coworkers from what you're really there to impress them with — your killer skills and raw talent.

We've compiled the most common makeup mistakes seen in the workplace in hopes you will stop the vicious cycle. When in doubt, less is more when talking about workplace makeup, and erring on the side of underdone is always better than in the other direction.

1. Too Much Blush

Going heavy-handed on the blush is an easy, and unfortunately common, way to look like a kid playing dress-up in Mommy's makeup. Leave the 80s behind and opt for a light dusting of blush to look healthy and radiant, not clown-like.

2. Black Eyeshadow

There's no better way to look like you rolled out of bed from a night at the club than to wear black eyeshadow to work. As much as we love a good smokey eye, save it for the times you want to look sultry — stick with a more natural palette for work.

3. Too Much Perfume

Smelling good is awesome, really. But nobody wants to sit next to the girl wearing a watery-eye-inducing level of perfume — especially during a long day of work. If you can't leave perfume out altogether, make sure keep it light and simple.

4. Over-Bronzing

Bronzer is a double-edged sword: it's the solution to our pale winter skin, and the source of all too many orange-y disasters. Gently swipe bronzer across your T-zone and in a figure-8 shape on the sides of your faces, accentuating the places the sun normally hits your face.

5. Fake Lashes

Never, ever wear fake lashes to work. Seriously, save these for Vegas and leave your poor lashes alone during the day!

6. Red Lipstick

Just like with fake lashes, red lipstick can be too much. As much as we love this look for a night out, date, or an event, unless you work in a highly creative industry, it might be too bold of a statement for the workplace. Opt for something lighter and more neutral to brighten up your lips or even a deep plum if you want a more serious color.

7. Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

Applying makeup over non-moisturized skin is a critical mistake we see all too often. Overlooking the need for moisturizer is the most common culprit for patchy, uneven tones and an unhealthy appearance.

8. Colored Eyeshadow

Not only is black eyeshadow a major no-no, any type of brightly colored shadow should also be avoided. With something like a blue or purple shadow, it's hard to avoid looking costume-y — even on Nicole Richie. To keep it classy, stick to the neutrals and (light) pinks.

Written by Nile Cappello