Bill Murray's Kissing History, in One Video

There's this thing in old movies that has always caught our attention. It's not the pacing, or the casual racism—though that doesn't help. It's that weird way the people tended to kiss each other by just smashing their faces into each other. Was that romantic? Whether it was or wasn't, it certainly seemed to be Bill Murray's favorite form of lip-touching. At least, according to this supercut of all his onscreen kisses.

Bill Murray ranks as one of the most respected comedic actors in history. Dramatic, too, now that he's been taking on more roles as super-important past presidents. He's just in general a well-liked, revered-type dude. One who, throughout his approximately forty thousand* years in the business, has played leading man to many of Hollywood's very favorite leading ladies. The video below is proof of that, with clips of him kissing everyone from Geena Davis and Sigourney Weaver to Andie McDowell and a young Scarlett Johansson.

The kisses in the video are all varying degrees of awkward. As the video's description reads, "What he might lack in technique he makes up for in charm...sort of."

He's Bill Effing Murray, though. He can get away with it.

*Forty. The actual number is forty.