If You See Anything Like This Unsettling Road Block While Driving At Night, You Should Definitely Not Stop – VIDEO

A dude running his dashboard cam while driving at night came across a truly terrifying "roadblock." I make unhesitant use of quotes around that word because clearly, something in the water ain't clean here. This is, in case you need clarity here, a super suspicious situation, and if you see something like this, you would be well-advised to haul ass past it. Our driver in this video obviously agreed; He got out of there relatively quickly. If you're response to watching this is a befuddled, "What in the hell, even?" please know that is normal. That's how everyone feels after watching this. I know this, because I am psychic and also an excellent journalist. Or because that's really all you can say when you see something like this. The world is creepy and unsettling, you guys.

Driving alone at night is never exactly...calming. It's how a lot of scary movies start. It ranks high on the list of Things That Are Terrifying. They are, in no particular order: Clowns, nightmares wherein you are still in high school and you realize that you haven't attended your math class for easily six months and will now not graduate, chickens that chase you believing themselves to be your size, actual people-sized chickens, and this video. I feel like this is a pretty decent list. In fact, the only thing that could have made this video more frightening would be if the guy had been dressed as a clown and assisted in his task by a person-sized chicken. You know I'm right.

Ivan Tukhtin on YouTube

While I admire the would-be weirdo's ingenuity, clearly this plan had problems: If the guy was planning on perpetrating a shady act, he should have had thought his plan through past "creepily get people to stop their cars by using these two construction cones." Although, I'll admit that part of me wants to be Pollyanna about this and at least entertain the idea that maybe this guy on the side of the road just needed help. Sadly, my inner Keith Morrison reminds me that this is what hazard lights are for. Hazard lights that this dude was so not utilizing.

Image: NBC