Cara Delevingne's Topshop Holiday Campaign Officially Has All Your Winter Party Dressing Sorted

It's been quite the week for Topshop. First, the British retailer enjoyed its Topman launch in NYC, which brought out new collab partner Beyonce, wearing one of Topshop's $130 dresses. As any fashion follower should know, Bey and the 'Shop are working on an activewear line. Now, the brand has dropped its holiday 2014 campaign, featuring the always brow-perfect Cara Delevingne.

In the 10 campaign images, the model is decked out in a variety of styles that suit all your holiday season needs. There are feathery minis, shifts, and textured tights, which are right for your office and family parties. Then there are more casual pieces, which are very much in the Delevingne personal style and comfy enough for to wear when you venture out to do some Christmas shopping.

Earlier this week, the brand also shared a cute and bizarre teaser of Delevingne's campaign. Now you can page through the images and start to plan your holiday party and hang time attire... without breaking the bank, of course, since you've got presents to shop for.

Image: Topshop

Fancy Feathers

The feathery hem adds whimsy to this white dress. Sure, it might be a bit too cold during the holidays to wear a slip dress such as this, so throw on a shrug or turn up the heat.

Image: Topshop

Mod It Up

Delevingne was born in 1992 but she is certainly rocking ’60s mod with this shift, poufy-sleeved blouse, and chunky heels. But who wouldn’t want to wear this outfit while munching Santa-shaped cookies and chugging some eggnog?

Image: Topshop

Cooler Than A Copper Penny

This copper shift dress is so very ’60s in its styling, but it works with the voluminous blouse and tie. The texture of the fabric is what gives it a holiday vibe, though.

Image: Topshop

The Eyes Have It

Delevingne’s smoky eyes, black lacquered nails, and the deep side part of her bed head are makeup looks you’ll want to copy this festive season.

Image: Topshop

Always Bet On Black

Black pants are a style staple no matter the season. When its a strapless, embellished pantsuit, that’s even better.

Image: Topshop

It's Not A Party Unless You Have A Party Dress

Why not take advantage of party season by wearing lots of fundresses? Topshop makes that possible. Patterned tights recommended.

Image: Topshop

Cara Rocks

This is a rock ‘n’ roll look but it’s still party-ready. This outfit might make those who wear bulky knits with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sewn on the front raise their eyebrows, who cares because this looks goooooood!

Image: Topshop

Remember What We Said About Party Dresses?

It’s worth repeating. Know it. Live it.

Image: Topshop

Baby It's Cold Outside...

…so warm up with something (hopefully synthetically) furry and fabulous. Plus, textured tights are so right now and punch up any party outfit. Go ahead and play.

Image: Topshop

For A Dinner Party

Cara and Taylor are besties, and couldn’t you see Delevingne wearing this in real life to a dinner with Swift? Talk about a holiday dream come true.

Image: Topshop