5 "The Heart Wants What It Wants" Lyrics That Are Absolutely Heartbreaking — VIDEO

Wow. I didn't see this coming...at all. On Thursday, Selena Gomez premiered her new single, "The Heart Wants What It Wants," and it'll get ya right in the feels. Seriously. Admittedly, in the past, Gomez's music hasn't exactly been known for its emotional depth or lyrical brilliance ("When you're ready come and get it/Na na na na, na na na na"), but you'd have to have a heart of stone in order to listen to this song (and watch its accompanying music video) and not feel anything. After all, the lyrics detail the struggle of loving someone who constantly causes you pain. Unfortunately, that's a topic that a lot of people can relate to. One thing I did see coming, however, is that "The Heart Wants What It Wants" definitely seems like it's about Gomez's relationship with Justin Bieber.

Obviously, I can't say for sure, but that's my hunch. Whoever the song's about, he sounds completely awful. In the introduction to the video, Gomez recalls how this man had the power to "completely shatter" her confidence in an instant. She then goes on to say that after hurting her feelings, he would tell her that she was "crazy" and that what had happened was her fault. Wow.

All I can say is this: Selena, that's not the behavior of someone who truly cares about you. Perhaps you know this by now, but it bears repeating: No one deserves to be manipulated or have their feelings invalidated. That's not love.

Here are the most heartbreaking lyrics from "The Heart Wants What It Wants":

I know I’m acting a bit crazy

Strung out, a little bit hazy

Hand over heart, I’m praying

That I’m gonna make it out alive

The bed’s getting cold and you’re not here

The future that we hold is so unclear

But I’m not alive until you call

Save your advice ‘cause I won’t hear

You might be right, but I don’t care

There’s a million reasons why I should give you up

But the heart wants what it wants

You got me scattered in pieces

Shining like stars and screaming

Lighting me up like Venus

But then you disappear and make me wait

And every second’s like torture

This is a modern fairytale

No happy endings

No wind in our sails

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"The Heart Wants What It Wants" is the lead single from Gomez's upcoming greatest hits album, For You (due out on Nov. 24).

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