Why Did Rachel Bilson Name Her Baby Briar Rose? There May Be a Few Reasons Behind This Name — REPORT

On Thursday, Us Weekly exclusively reported that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen gave birth to a baby girl. Well, what about the name? As reported by the outlet, the adorable duo named their daughter after a Disney princess, and, no, it's not Cinderella. Apparently, they've named their newborn Briar Rose. Doesn't ring a bell? Well, it's from the original 1812 Grimm Brothers story and 1959 Disney flick, Sleeping Beauty. The three fairies (Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather) protecting Princess Aurora from Maleficent's needle/sleeping curse renamed the beauty Briar Rose.

Now, we don't know for sure if that's why the couple really chose the alleged name. Maybe they just wanted to be unique? It's not the first time a celebrity couple decided to go for an interesting name.

One thing does remain certain, Bilson loves Disney, so it's very likely. In 2014, Bilson chatted with MTV, where she opened up about auditioning for Tangled and losing out to Mandy Moore. She's even admitted that she'd loved to be a Disney princess, as she said, "I was born to be a Disney princess!" Maybe one day it will happen, but until then she can live vicariously through her daughter.

It also seems that Briar Rose has a family connection. Christensen's grandmother is named Rose Schwartz. He used to spend summers with her and she encouraged his acting by taking him to Manhattan to participate in the Actors Studio. So, there's a good possibility the middle name is in honor of his grandma. If that isn't enough research for you, Bilson, who is also a houseware designer, is the creator of Edie Rose Home, a tabletop collection. It's named for Bilson's grandmother, Edie, and a "dear family friend," Rose.

There you have it. All kinds of logical explantations for the reported name of their newborn. Whatever the case, I wish them all the best in their new journey as parents.

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